Further details emerge on Australian online casino and sports betting ban

  • Amended bill will mean overseas operators must hold a licence under State of Territory laws to be able offer online gambling services in Australia
  • New bill will be effective from as soon as next month

Australian online casino players have been urged to ‘not give up hope’ after the senate passed an updated version of the bill which has banned online casino and sports betting in the country.

The passing of the amended bill is bad news for Australian punters, however there are still plenty who are in support of online poker and in-play sports betting with the belief that a new amendment is worth fighting for.

Joseph Del Duca, Australian Online Poker Players Alliance
Joseph Del Duca, Australian Online Poker Players Alliance

What does the bill mean for online poker in Australia

Whereas it is not just online poker that has been effected by the senate passing the new bill, online poker has been a big draw for many an Aussie gambler.

As recently as this month, several poker players met with the senate and explained their reasons as to why the bill should not include online poker.

However, with the inquiry not due to be published until mid-september and the bill coming into effect at roughly the same time, any hopes of a delayed amendment announcement have been firmly put to bed.

A late effort by the Australian Online Poker Alliance to u-turn the banning of remote operators offering online poker came to nothing but hope has not been given up yet by the poker community.

“Our game is not dead and we will continue to campaign for safe, legal online poker when the Senate Inquiry is handed down.”
AOPA’s Joseph Del Duca

As mentioned the poker inquiry is not due to be handed down and when it is, it is unlikely any new adjustments will be made in the immediate future.

Operators must have a licence

The new legislation can appear a little hard ball in the attempt to protect vulnerable online gamblers in a bid to reduce the possibility of addiction through uncontrolled betting.

Under the bill comes the requirement for overseas operators to hold a licence under State of Territory laws if they want to offer online gambling services in a particular region of the country.

Also, the inclusion of a ‘Movement Alert List’ which will add any overseas directors to a specified list that break the new regulations thus preventing them from freely travelling around Australia.

The Australian government are taking their updated Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill very seriously but already and in a blow to punters, the country has already seen the withdrawal of big time poker entities such as: 888 Casino and Gaming Innovation Group.

Not all over yet for Aussie online poker

As mentioned above the Australian Online Poker Alliance are unlikely to let this lie and will continue to fight, however, they will need public backing in order to get the u-turn they so desperately desire.

The early August inquiry feels like a case of too little too late. There is a feeling that Australian poker players at least have had to fold in the short term.

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