Delays increase the cost of Wynn Boston Harbor casino to $2.4 billion

  • Legal hindrances increase construction costs for Wynn Boston Harbor by $300 million
  • The casino is still set to open in 2019, creating 4,000 permanent job positions

The new Wynn resort in Massachusetts was set to open its doors in 2018, but unexpected delays have pushed the date a year forward, increasing total costs in the process. Instead of the initially projected price of $2.1 billion, the Wynn Boston Harbor casino and hotel in Everett, MA, will end up costing $2.4 billion, it is reported.

Delays have increased the costs of a Wynn Massachusetts casino by $300,000,000
Delays have increased the costs of a Wynn Massachusetts casino by $300,000,000. Picture: Thinkstock.

Construction plans have been hindered by a number of unexpected developments, including holds on issuing the environmental permit and complaints by the cities of Boston and Somerville over the gaming commission’s decision to grant Wynn one of the two remaining gambling licenses.

Overcoming challenges

The unanimous approval from the gaming commission came only in October last year. Boston and Somerville challenged the decision to grant Wynn the operating license over the Mohegan Sun-Suffolk Downs project.

However, that wasn’t the only hurdle the casino officials had to overcome.

The city of Somerville also fought against granting the resort the environmental license, as the city officials claimed the new venue would increase the air pollution in the area.

Boston and Somerville spent around $2.5 million on their attempts to hinder the casino construction. Although they ultimately failed, the delays caused a $300,000,000 increase in costs.

Dealing with shortcomings

Unexpected costs have led casino officials to change the project, moving away from their initial plans. They notified the Massachusetts Gaming Commission about the increased costs, presenting their plans to remove the retail space and add more gaming machines, bars, restaurants, and convention facilities.

The increase in costs has been caused primarily by the rise of construction labor costs which happened while casino’s construction was blocked by various legal obstacles.

Although the retail space will be reduced, it is expected the Wynn resort and casino, set to open for business in 2019, will generate 4,000 temporary construction positions, as well as 4,000 permanent jobs once the construction is completed.

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