DAO.Casino gives players first glimpse of ‘provably fair’ online casino site

  • First look at DAO.Casino’s test site for players and developers
  • Organisation challenges game makers to improve new ‘Dice’ game to prove concept

An yet-to-launch online casino that claims to offer ‘provably fair’ gameplay via a potentially revolutionary software platform, has just given players a glimpse of exactly what to expect from the site.

DAO.Casino website
DAO.Casino’s new site can now be seen by players. It is still at the testing stage. Picture: DAO.Casino website.

DAO.Casino’s online gaming platform is built on Ethereum shared software, a blockchain-based innovation that, like the more commonly-known Bitcoin, is decentralized, and seen as tamperproof and incorruptible. It is this element which is expected to appeal to online casino fans who want cast-iron guaranteed fair gameplay.

DAO.Casino has received a lot of attention on how it is bidding to create the tools that will allow a fair and sustainable online casino community to thrive.

Now the company reveals the fruits of its labours, launching its test site to bring the advantages of the new project to developers and players.

Platform now open for testing

Still in alpha release, the new platform opens in a web browser, making it easy to use, particularly for non-technical players. The goal is to connect developers of games with people who want to play them.

For those non-technical players DAO.Casino says the casino is aimed at offering a better quality, cheat-proof service and that indie developers are being encouraged to provide top games for – with a fair reward based on how successful they are.

New game proves concept

DAO.Casino is developing games as well as providing the platform for developers. The organisation is well aware that platforms need games to attract players, particularly in the early stages.

Therefore DAO.Casino is providing games, both internally developed and via partners, that showcase the platform’s flexibility, ease of use and fairness.

Open game

The first of these is ‘Dice’. This new game has just been released using Ethereum’s ‘testnet’ platform for anyone to try, with a token amount of ‘ether’ – a type of cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, made available for test playing. Once alpha testing is passed the DAO.Casino platform will move to the live platform – ‘mainnet’.

Although in test mode, DAO.Casino has released the source code to help prove that the game is fair and, more to the point, can be demonstrated to be fair. In fact, the team behind the game are asking the open source community to provide a better ‘magic spell’ algorithm to provide more realistic results.


Online casinos were among the real pioneers of the early days of the internet and so it is no surprise to see innovations like DAO.Casino springing up.

The concept is clearly making good progress, and the ‘provably fair’ Dice game with source code open to all who care to view it, is certainly a level of transparency that might appeal to players – techie ones mostly.

The concept will not be easy for all players to digest, however, and perhaps it’s only the real tech-savvy players that will be the early adopters here – even though DAO.Casino clearly wants to appeal to a wide audience. It remains to be seen whether DAO.Casino will be a real industry disruptor, or just an intriguing sideshow.

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