Danish MitSpil app aims to help players spot signs of problem gambling before it takes hold

  • Danish Gambling Authority releases MitSpil v.2, an upgraded version of their app designed to prevent gambling addiction
  • The app still relies on the user input, so players will have to cooperate in order for the app to perform its function

Denmark has joined the recent wave of efforts to reduce problem gambling.

A new app for the Danish online betting and casino community is aiming to stop problem gambling before it starts.
A new app for the Danish online betting and casino community is aiming to stop problem gambling before it starts.

Back in November of 2016, the Danish Gambling Authority released an app that was primarily informative in its character.

Named MitSpil (which translates as ‘My Game’), the app contained a series of questions aimed to help people recognize problem behavior patterns.

In the event the player concluded they might have a problem with gambling, MitSpil provided them with quick and easy access to ROFUS, an automated self-exclusion system.

A couple of weeks ago, the Authority released the upgraded version of the app, MitSpil v.2, which took the whole thing to a new level, with the software being able to track gambling expenditures and warn about risky behaviors.

Tackling a rising issue

According to the information released by the country’s National Problem Gambling Clinic, 63% of their patients demonstrate addictive mobile gaming behavior.

This is a sharp rise in comparison to 2012-13 data, when this number was at 24%.

Despite constant efforts to somehow tackle the issue, the rising trend clearly shows that more effort is required in this area.

That’s where MitSpil v.2 comes into play, hoping to help players recognize early signs of gambling addiction and deal with the problem before it is too late.

Players’ cooperation required

The app can’t function on its own, meaning it still requires information by the user to examine patterns and raise potential red flags. Players are required to input the time spent playing, deposit amounts, and other vital information.

Based on this data, the app then creates a report and warns players about potential signs of gambling addiction. MitSpil v.2 also issues warnings if users don’t update their information in a long time, thus reminding them they need to take a responsible approach towards online gambling.

The app has the potential to become a powerful tool in fighting gambling addiction in Denmark and possibly across the globe.

However, it all still boils down to how much users are willing to cooperate and take responsibility for their actions. Without proper information, the app can hardly achieve its goals.

So, like with most things concerning responsible gambling, it will be down to the players to put in required efforts first.

It would probably be better if the app could somehow gather all this information on its own, but it is unlikely we’ll see anything like that any time soon because of various privacy laws and associated risks.

But as one measure as part of a package of tools to help with problem gambling, apps like this would appear to have a strong role to play.

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