‘Crazy’ Power Up Poker undergoes alpha testing

  • Power Up Poker gives players more power to influence how hands play out
  • No official timeline yet for Power Up Poker’s public release

Leading online poker site, PokerStars, has announced that it is in the process of alpha testing a revolutionary new style of poker game called Power Up Poker.


PokerStars confirms Power Up Poker is in closed Alpha testing mode

A blend of traditional No Limit Hold’em Poker with deck building strategy, popularised in recent games such as Hearthstone, Power Up is being labelled a game-changing innovation by some leading poker experts.

The Power Up version enables players to receive ‘power’ cards that give them the ability to effect how entire hands play out, changing the gameplay of traditional poker on many fronts.

Some of the new powers players will receive include: the ability to destroy a board card dealt on the latest street; the ability to block any powers being used on the latest street; the option to choose the deck’s next card from three options via the dealer; and even force all opponents to expose one of their hole cards.

It’s certainly not likely to be a game that will excite the poker traditionalists, but it is hoped that Power Up will broaden the industry’s horizons to a new pool of players.

Power Up still nowhere near public release

No official release date has been confirmed for Power Up’s public release, with Severin Rasset, director of poker innovation and operations for PokerStars, stating that they are still “a long way off” finalising the product.

“Power Up is currently in closed Alpha, meaning that we still have a lot of adjustments to make and many more features to add,” said Rasset.

“For these reasons, it’s only available to a limited number of people and real money games are still a long way off.

“We’ll periodically expand the pool of players while tweaking and adding features, while constantly taking feedback from the participants.”

PokerStars’ newest Team Pro, Igor Kurganov, has confirmed that he has already trialled the game but admits it’s difficult to say whether Power Up “requires more skill”.

“It [definitely] makes you think and it brings you into many new situations, which is fun,” said Kurganov.

“There are no Power Up schools or software out [yet]. You just have to make up the strategy as you go, I love that. That’s usually what poker players enjoy the most.”

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