Cowboys Casino’s data targeted again by anonymous hackers

  • This marks the third time in a year that the casino has been targeted by the same group of hackers
  • Warned by the hackers to get smart on their security, Cowboys Casino suffer huge data loss

In June 2016, hackers launched an attack on a casino in Canada, during which they harvested a plethora of sensitive customer and employee details. This included the personal information of more than 14,000 of the casino’s patrons.

canada casino hackers

And earlier this month, Casinopedia reported on yet another major cyber attack affecting the very same casino: Cowboys Casino in Calgary, Canada. Hackers released information stolen from the Calgary casino – which included details on payouts to customers and which named those on the “elite member list” – to the public.

Following these initial breaches of security, the hackers warned the Cowboys Casino that further bouts of illegal data disclosure would occur if the company did not amend and update its security systems and policies.

Strike three

Now, just two weeks later, the same hackers are said to have leaked more of Cowboys Casino’s sensitive information, following allegations by the hackers that the casino still was not taking its data privacy seriously.

“Cowboys Casino has still not taken the matter of their customers’/employees’ security seriously, so we are releasing our second data dump to the public,” read a note written by the hackers and posted online.

This time, the criminals leaked employee payroll information, a number of internal emails, the contents of some disciplinary reports, and even the details of several background checks.

Cowboys Casino confused

But on the subject of security not being taken seriously, Tyone Waite – general manager of Cowboys Casino – disagrees. He has made it known that his casino had gone without “any new data breaches” since the hackers’ initial attack in June 2016. He even said that, contrary to the belief of the hackers, security measures had been amended and improved.

“We have assurance from all our IT people. Our e-mail isn’t even kept here. It’s kept in the Cloud through a secure, third-party server.”

Reassuringly, Jeremy Wittman – of the Calgary police cyber forensic unit – has spoken of the ongoing nature of the investigation into the hackers’ “second data dump,” saying that officials believe the hackers hail from North America.

“At this point the investigation sort of identifies that it’s not a foreign entity, but that the group resides most likely within Canada.”

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