Court to make decision on how Vegas killer Stephen Paddock’s estate will be distributed

  • District Judge will hear the case on December 7
  • Killer’s assets include a house in Mesquite purchased or $369,000 in 2015

A decision on the management of the assets of Las Vegas mass shooting Stephen Paddock could be made by a District Judge early next month, following a court hearing last Friday.

Stephen Paddock was a casino regular
Where the estate of Stephen Paddock goes is set to be finalized. His brother Eric said it should be put to the victims of his heinous act.

The hearing at the Regional Justice Center was attended by Paddock’s brother Eric, who said that he was there to help move the process along as quickly as possible so that his brother’s assets could be moved into a fund to help victims of the shooting.

Paddock killed 58 people when he opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas on October 1.

According to his brother, the killer did not leave a will, and Clark County Administrator John Cahill has also confirmed that no will was found. Paddock was known as a high-stakes gambler, and his assets – including a $369,000 property in Mesquite – have been frozen, though the full extent of his net worth is not yet known.

Nominated person

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, at Friday’s hearing, the case was assigned to District Judge Gloria Sturman, who will hold a hearing on December 7, at which a decision will be made on how Paddock’s assets will be distributed.

The process could be handled by Cahill, or a private firm, but lawyers for the victims and their families are keen to ensure that the process is transparent. Alice Denton, an attorney who represents five victims said that the distribution should be handled openly.

“All the victims need to see who is the nominated person. [The assets should be] preserved for the benefit of the victims, rather than spend it on administrative expenses.”

Cahill has stated his reluctance to take over control of the Paddock estate, but following the hearing, he said that if no-one came forward, he expects to be given the role, and would not appeal against it.

He also stated that he would be seeking authority to sell Paddock’s home, and that he would be working to ensure that the assets were conserved and distributed to the victims as transparently as possible.

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