China busts major Fiji gambling ring

  • Chinese authorities arrest 77 individuals allegedly involved with illegal online gambling
  • Team of Chinese police visit Fiji to mount arrest operations in July

An illegal online gambling syndicate has reportedly been busted in Fiji by Chinese police, who travelled to the island to arrest them. Following the bust, the suspects were then flown back to mainland China.

china fiji arrests

The Chinese authorities are known for their proactive stance on illegal gambling, and it’s not uncommon for raids of this nature to take place. In this case however, officials reportedly strayed further from home than normal to conduct the raid – about 10,000km further in fact.

Multiple arrests

A huge bust by Chinese officials saw 77 people arrested and flown to China. All of the suspects have reportedly been linked to multiple instances of illegal gambling on the web.

The Chinese connection to the Fiji-based crew comes from the fact that many of the alleged victims were Chinese and that the gang also operated out of China and Indonesia. In total, around $900,000 is believed to have been amassed from illegal gambling activities.

When a team of Chinese police were sent to Fiji at the start of July, they spent a couple of weeks investigating the case further before finally swooping. After raiding five locations across the South Pacific island group, they reportedly made multiple arrests and seized computers, smartphones and other evidence.

Extensive investigation

It’s no secret that China is eager to clampdown on illegal wagering, both at home and overseas if it involves Chinese victims or masterminds. In a similar move last year, Chinese and Philippine authorities arrested almost 100 people and froze 1,000 bank accounts following an extensive investigation into illegal betting.

With gambling banned in mainland China, despite the nation’s love of betting, it’s inevitable that there will be those willing to cater for the demand, both in meatspace and on the web.

While the authorities will never be able to completely eradicate illegal gambling, they remain intent on disrupting it at least and severely punishing those found to have been enabling it. Last month, police in Shaanxi province arrested over 200 suspects after raiding various locations and have filed 100 charges in relation to a fraudulent online lottery.

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