Can you find the white chip? Casumo Casino launches tricky online teaser

  • Casumo Casino sends players and fans wild with tricky casino-themed puzzle
  • One white chip is hidden among hundreds of various coloured chips in casino themed puzzle

In what feels like a throw-back to the nineties craze of Magic Eye puzzles – remember those anyone? – online casino Casumo has teased internet goers and online casino fans alike by creating a puzzle where a solitary white casino chip is hidden amongst various coloured chips.

casumo chip puzzle
Where’s the white chip? Casumo’s casino chip puzzle has been dumfounding players

And, with the image being widely shared by online and tabloid publications alike, it’s fair to say that everyone has been trying to get to the bottom of the puzzle.

Once you start you just can’t stop

As with many puzzles, Casumo Casino’s offering is addictive, frustrating and very tricky as the company quite freely admints. Gregory Tatton-Brown from Casumo said of the eye-catching puzzle: “Even though we are an online casino, the power of these chips is still very strong – and once you’ve started the hunt for a white one, you won’t stop until you’ve found it.

“Puzzles are a great way to exercise your mind and can also be therapeutic – it’s a great feeling when you finally do work out where this tricky white chip is hiding.”

Casumo’s apparent goal was to ‘bamboozle’ the internet and it appears it has done just that and, in the process, proved itself as the master of internet games.

Casumo Erasing boredom

Casumo Casino’s tag line is ‘we exist to erase boredom’, with the online casino offering multiple online slot games as well its ‘Reel Races’ which offer the chance to spin and win against real players every 30 minutes.

The online casino is relatively young after only forming in 2012 but has established itself as a front runner during its short existence.

Puzzles like the ‘Find the white chip’ can be attributed to the casino’s rise, with imaginative marketing driving Casumo to the forefront of peoples minds.

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