Casino winners now have an easy way to give some of their fortune to charity

  • Everi Cares Giving Module will allow players to give to vetted charities via ticket redemption kiosks
  • System has been successfully trialled in Las Vegas

One casino technology company will be offering Macau casino gamers the chance to give their winnings to charity with a new service.

Everi is making it easier for casino winners in Macau to donate money from their payout.
Everi is making it easier for casino winners in Macau to donate money from their payout.

All ticket redemption kiosks provided to casinos by Everi Holdings Inc will offer players the opportunity to donate all or part of the value of their play ticket to certain charities. The new option has been given the snappy title of the ‘Everi Cares Giving Module’.

According to a press release put out by Everi on Monday, the roll out in Macau, which will happen over the next few months follows what they describe as a successful trial held over thirty days at a Las Vegas casino.

Everi President and Chief Executive, Michael Rumbolz, described it as a new, convenient way for both casino and casino players to benefit their local communities by creating a link between the casino and appropriate local charities.

Younger customers

In most modern casinos, electronic gaming machines usually put out printed vouchers which give the balance of a player’s funds when they finish playing. Players can keep that ticket and use it for their next gambling session, or they can redeem the ticket for cash at on-site kiosks, such as those provided by Everi.

In its statement, Everi suggested that the charitable giving function would be particularly welcomed by younger customers at Macau’s casinos.

“In addition, it helps casinos in their community relations programmes as it increases the profile of local charities in the eyes of players, creates an initial player-charity relationship, builds community awareness for casinos and appeals to the generosity of the millennial generation,” it said.

According to the company – currently the only ticket redemption kiosk provider to offer the charity donation service – the new option could also have a positive impact for casinos, by pushing players towards charitable giving, which could reduce the cost of coin handling and even has the potential to eliminate the need for operators to hold coins on the casino floor.

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