Casino reunited! De Niro, Scorsese and Pesci set to join Pacino in new gangster film

  • Martin Scorsese to take helm of new mob film The Irishman
  • Acting greats reunited over 20 years after release of cinema classic Casino
  • Al Pacino set to join Italian American giants on screen for first time

Who can forget Martin Scorsese’s 1995 epic Casino starring Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro?

If the thought of bringing the old ‘mob’ back together for a new film wasn’t tantalising enough, how about throwing Al Pacino and Harvey Keitel into the mix as well, with Martin Scorsese directing?

According to a Deadline report the acting supergroup is almost confirmed to be starring in new film The Irishman – another mob film.

The ultimate gangster movie?

With Scorsese and De Niro signed up, Pesci joining after repeated pleadings from the illustrious director, Al Pacino just finalizing the deal and Keitel in talks – the movie is likely to draw a crowd based on the cast list itself.

Indeed, it would be the first time Pacino and Scorsese have worked together, and the reportedly the first time the Italian American giants have been seen on screen together.

A Casino classic

The original Casino movie was based on Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas by Nicholas Pileggi, who also wrote the screenplay with Scorsese. Casino was a thrilling portrayal of 1970s Las Vegas, one that faithfully captured the sleaze, the excess and the gangland machinations orchestrated by the mob.

Twenty-two years later, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro will take to the screen again, hopefully trading some of those barbs and banter again as Martin Scorsese shoots the biopic of union official Frank Sheeran as he mutates into a mafia hitman.

Based on Charles Brandt’s 2004 book I Heard You Paint Houses, the film is likely to be filled with the sort of grand cinematography and pithy dialogue that are a staple of great Scorsese movies, going right back to Goodfellas.

Martin Scorsese is known for his stubbornness and perfectionism and Joe Pesci reportedly had to be asked 50 times before consenting to appear in the movie.

One last job

The Irishman promises to be the ninth and possibly last time that Scorsese and De Niro will have collaborated, but it will be the first time they’d teamed up since 1995’s Casino.

Although the film is being developed for Netflix, there will also be a limited cinema release, just in case Scorsese pulls off another artistic triumph and comes up with an Oscar-worthy blockbuster. Whatever the outcome of The Irishman, it will be hard pressed to beat Casino, a film which earned Sharon Stone a Golden Globe for Best Actress for her role as the scheming Ginger McKenna.

No release date yet has been confirmed for The Irishman, which is to be expected given that filming has yet to start. It’s shaping up to be a nostalgic trip down memory lane to the classic cinema of the 90s.

Casino was a seminal mob movie that spawned so many memorable scenes and one-liners, including beautiful shooting of the atmosphere of the 1970s fictional Vegas casino The Tangiers

At times brutally violent, it captured the Vegas experience – when your luck’s in you’re king of the mountain, and when it’s not, you’re back to ground zero.

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