The Empire Likes Blackjack: ‘Casino’ planet name rumour for new Star Wars film

  • Outdoor scenes shot in Dubrovnik, Croatia for casino planet possibly called ‘Canto Bight’
  • Film to be release in December 2017

According to a recent leak publicized by a top Star Wars insider, Disney could be looking to create a ‘casino lanet’ as a setting for the new Star Wars film, titled The Last Jedi.

New Star Wars film 'The Last Jedi' will feature a casino planet called Canto Bight.
There are rumours the new Star Wars film ‘The Last Jedi’ will feature a casino planet called Canto Bight.

Rumored by the website to be named Canto Bight, the planet joins a huge fictional universe containing hundreds of worlds, but is the only one dedicated to gambling.

Many of the scenes for this exciting locale were reportedly filmed in Dubrovnik, Croatia, at the beginning of last year. Locals reported the filming of high-speed chases and other action scenes in the town’s historic central district, although none of the film’s main stars were seen on set in the Eastern European country.

Some dedicated residents even managed to sneak a few pictures of the tightly guarded set, including this picture which shows either Finn (played by British actor John Boyega), or one of his body doubles, riding some kind of crazy space horse with an unidentified female character.

A shot of some of the Croatia filming
A shot of some of the filming which has found its way into the public domain.

Many more photos were also posted by locals to social media, potentially showing the kind of aliens we can expect to be populating the game tables and arcade machines of this gambler’s paradise.

Release date

What the inside locations of any Casino Planet will look like though (and exactly what kind of awesome galactic games and machines will be held within) must be left to waiting fans’ imaginations for the moment, as the film is not set for general release in cinemas until midway through December 2017.

However, the first official trailer is due to drop online on the April 14 – so keep an eye out for that and hopefully there’ll be some glimpses of what’s to come from this really cool Casino planet concept when the film is released.


From James Bond to gangster movies, casinos have inspired some of the great film moments since the dawn of cinema. Is it any surprise to see one of the biggest franchises in the movie world getting in on the act?

The casino bosses on this planet had better watch out for those Jedi adept with ‘The Force’, however. Those telekinetic powers will come in very handy when the roulette wheel is spinning, and those mind control abilities might be used to good effect at the poker table.

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