Budget proposal that includes online poker plans approved by New York State Senate

  • Scope for online poker regulation in Senate’s budget plan, but not Assembly’s
  • Potential 11 licenses available for online poker in the state at $10 million each

The State Senate of New York has given the green light to a budget proposal which will include the possibility of online poker regulations.

Both the New York State Senate and Assembly passed budget proposals, with the two now required to come together to find a way to resolve any issues between the two before the end of the month.

State Senate
With a potential 11 licenses for online poker, New York State could soon be open for business.

Potential for regulation only in Senate’s bill

While the Senate and the Assembly have both introduced bills with a clear eye on the future of regulating online poker, only the Senate’s budget plan contains language pertaining to those potential regulations, with no mention of it in the proposal from the Assembly.

If passed, the legislation would see 11 $10 million licenses for online poker become available in New York State – a tiny portion of the overall budget, but nonetheless one that may prove significant as negotiations and discussions get down to the finer details.

Some remained opposed

Last year, New York State Assembly member, J. Gary Pretlow declined to introduce a companion bill which would have introduced online poker legislation, although Pretlow now says the situation has changed, with the Assembly joining the Senate in being receptive to the possibility of permitting online poker licenses to be granted. Pretlow also said, however, that “some individuals in the administration are really opposed to this.”

If a solution is not found by April 1, the following months could still see a standalone bill passed to allow for online poker, although so far there are no concrete plans to do so. If a move to include it in the final budget fails, however, one could be drafted quickly.

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