Bored mother scoops enormous £600,000 betting win thanks to astonishing £1 soccer bet

  • Unnamed winner correctly predicted twelve soccer results to land £574,278 with a £1 bet
  • Eleven of the matches were won by the outsider

A UK woman has landed a near £600,000 ($788,000) prize after placing a twelve-team soccer accumulator for just £1 ($1.30). The unnamed 59-year-old started placing accumulator bets six years ago after she became fed up with her husband and son watching football at the weekend.

According to reporting in the Sun newspaper, her selection approach involved choosing twelve teams she liked the sound of when her thirty-year-old son read out the list of soccer fixtures last Saturday. Her husband had been making the same accumulator bet for over forty years and had never earned a big win.

Carli Faulkner, the manager of the branch of bookmaker William Hill where the bet was placed said that the win was the biggest she had dealt with.

“This is the biggest winning bet I have ever handled and all for just a quid. It is incredible that the lady got them all up. Usually customers laugh when they see a payout figure on the bottom of their slip like £574,000, but this just goes to show it can happen. They will be having a cracking Christmas and I am delighted for them as it’s real girl power landing a bet like that. My biggest ever payout before this was around £25,000.”
Carli Faulkner, William Hill betting shop manager.


The winner’s husband and their son are fans of Tottenham Hotspur, but her accumulator didn’t include their favorite team. Of the twelve matches in the bet, eleven were won by outsiders, including Burnley’s surprise Premier League win at Southampton at odds of 4-1.

HOW THE FORTUNE WAS WON: William Hill took a bet from a UK mother which scooped her an astonishing £600,000 with a stake of £1.
HOW THE FORTUNE WAS WON: William Hill took a bet from a UK mother which scooped her an astonishing £600,000 with a stake of £1.

Only one of the bets – Sheffield United to beat Hull at 8-11 – was odds-on.

Commenting on the win, a spokesman for William Hill, Rupert Adams, congratulated the winner and put the size of the win in perspective.

He said: “It just goes to show if you can’t beat them join them and the payout in this case is absolutely fantastic. We wish them well. In my 15 years in the business working for William Hill I have never encountered a bigger football win by a female punter for just a quid.”

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