Blink and you’ll miss it: world’s fastest live roulette hits online casinos

  • Speed Roulette live casino game starts a new game round every 25 seconds
  • Players can enjoy a more immersive experience and 50 extra rounds per hour

In recent years there has been a slew of roulette spin-offs released as developers have sought to give players unprecedented choice – whilst also also boosting retention and playing time, much to the satisfaction of operators.

You’ve played multi-ball roulette, dinosaur roulette and dolphin roulette. Now get ready for the latest, greatest and dizziest iteration of the classic casino game: speed roulette.

Live casino game specialist, Evolution Gaming is responsible for the fast-paced, high octane game, claimed by industry insiders to be the world’s fastest. Blink – or turn your head at least – and you’ll miss it, as the ball whizzes round the wheel, completing a spin in just 25 seconds.

‘Blazing fast

It’s easy to see why such a game might appeal to casino operators, for quicker roulette equals more games completed her hour. There are benefits for players too however, who are spared from the interminable wait of watching a ball bobble around the wheel before finally coming to rest.

“We worked really hard to create a game that feels relaxed while at the same time being blazing fast. This is a tricky balance to achieve, and by giving the game its own dedicated studio, with numerous immersive camera shots, and letting players bet during the spin we have created a game that will appeal to serious and novice players alike. This game is twice as fast as any other roulette game we offer so will fit very nicely into our suite of roulette products.”
Todd Haushalter, Evolution’s Chief Product Officer

While speed roulette will be accessible on desktop, tablet and smartphone, it’s not the technology delivering the game that’s interesting, but the physical roulette wheel itself. Evolution has commissioned a specially designed wheel crafted by TCS John Huxley, one that will complete each spin in record time.

Betting only conducted during the spin

The game will be broadcast live from Evolution’s Riga studios and dealers there have been brought up to speed – literally – on how to operate the new game. Presumably they’ll be expected to do everything they were doing already, but quicker!

One of the ways in which speed roulette differs is that betting is only conducted during the spin. In other words, there’s no ‘dead time’, which enables the dealer to crack on with the next spin as soon as the first is finished, with the winning number being identified by an automatic number recognition tool.

Evolution has clearly upped its ante for this one, for speed roulette will allow players to squeeze in an extra 50 games an hour compared to regular roulette. For players in a hurry – which is pretty much everyone nowadays – Evolution’s speed roulette looks like being an instant hit.


What’s the one way to make things more exciting? Speed them up and give you less time to make decisions. It’s an added element that is going to undoubtedly make this version of the popular casino table game a hit among players. After all, there’s not too much more thrilling than fast-paced, constant action that gets the blood pumping.

And while, underneath, nothing has changed with the actual game of roulette offered in this iteration, Evolution Gaming has clearly made this leap with players in mind. As we’ve seen with other recent casino releases, it’s all about player experience. Aside from the added thrill of the speed element for example, it’s been reported that the game features a number of cameras strategically positioned to give a more immersive experience (and perhaps to allow you to keep up to pace with the game). It’s a trend that we’re seeing time and again throughout the industry, and one that we hope will continue.

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