Bitcoin casino pays out $180,000 progressive jackpots in a single week

  • Progressive roulette jackpots paying out strongly in bitcoin casino
  • Cryptocurrency casinos continuing to show both growth and further potential

Bitcoin Games, one of the largest and fastest growing bitcoin online casinos, has just paid out a little over $180,000 in bitcoin (154.3BTC in total) in jackpots in a single week.

$180,000 payout by bitcoin online casino Bitcoin games
About $180,000 has been paid out by bitcoin online casino Bitcoin Games.

The prizes were won by 11 players as progressive roulette jackpots, with the figures not including regular winnings.

While online casinos proved a valuable early industry for bitcoin to help establish its legitimacy, as bitcoin has stabilised as a viable currency, the casinos haven’t gone away. Indeed, they look to be continuing to experience rapid growth, attracting new customers from players switching to bitcoin, and bitcoin users deciding to try their luck at the tables.

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin can offer advantages for casino operators and players, such as increased security and transparency. Other competitors, such as the new Edgeless casino, are trying to latch onto this model to help provide new incentives for players online.

Still big potential in bitcoin online casinos

Bitcoin Games has certainly become very popular – the platform paid out over $1.17 million (1,000 BTC) in jackpots alone over its past six months. As well as the specific benefits of bitcoin, many of the casinos using cryptocurrencies boast small or no house edges, helping to make them even more attractive to players. The platform offers most of the usual classic table games to be found in other online casinos, from blackjack and roulette to keno.

While bitcoin is not yet a household name, it has certainly been popular with those used to the idea, particularly those looking for somewhere with a lower house edge than normal.

With many existing users of the currency trying their luck at the tables, and the purported advantages of the format – not least the ability to withdraw winnings instantly – then the growth could continue apace for a while yet.


Bitcoin casinos are keen to put out news such this to prove that they are not just niche operators playing with make-believe money. They want the message to be that they are a serious challenge to the big online casino operators.

The much vaunted benefits of these cryptocurrency casinos, including fairness, as well as the ease of withdrawing funds, are seen as key selling points.

And that’s fine, but remember that often these casinos have access to a much narrower range of games. The look and feel of the sites may not be to the taste of everyone, and there is more to the online casino experience than just being ‘provably fair’ or having more favorable house edges.

Player research is needed before choosing to play on any bitcoin casino website.

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