It’s official: online bingo is good for your brain and your health (as well as your wallet)

If you needed another excuse to head online for a game of bingo, you now have one – playing bingo on your computer, smartphone or handheld device is great for your mind and your health.

According to studies, hitting the online bingo hall is the perfect way to exercise your grey brain cells. It means that while you’re – hopefully – boosting your prize fund you’re also improving your mental health, expanding your brain’s dexterity and giving your memory a kick into action.

And before you become sceptical, don’t write it off just yet. When you’re playing bingo your brain is being stimulated in terms of number processing, speed of your reflexes and concentration.

Searching for your number trains your brain to respond quicker to commands and social interaction, and – when you’re really going for the win – it even helps you remember numbers, patterns and letters. And let’s face it, we all want a competitive edge in life, right?

If that isn’t reason enough to get online, we don’t know what is. You can even get settled into a long session too. The same studies show that playing bingo improves your immune system, and is good for your blood pressure and your heart. Perhaps you don’t need to buy that new year’s gym membership just yet…

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