Government of New South Wales unveils new Betiquette campaign

  • Government of New South Wales unveils new betiquette campaign aimed at helping problem gamblers
  • Government Minister Paul Toole says the campaign will promote responsible betting behaviour

The Government of New South Wales has recently unveiled its brand new ‘betiquette’ campaign, which is aimed at preventing people from becoming problem gamblers.

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The campaign is chiefly aimed at younger Australian men, who according to recent statistics are most at risk of becoming problem gamblers, and looks to educate them into the effects that problem gambling and its associated issued can have on their lives.

Promoting responsible behaviour

Figures recently discovered in a Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey showed that approximately 200,000 Australian residents are dealing with gambling addictions.

The new campaign was unveiled by Government Minister Paul Toole, who reportedly said that he hopes it will promote responsible betting behaviour in order to prevent the continuing rise in problem gambling.

Young people and problem gambling

Statistics show that the average Australian online sports player is a 31-year-old male, and that this group is also more likely to become problem gamblers than others. The new betiquette campaign is set to target this audience in order to prevent a rise in gambling addiction and has received backing from the Responsible Gambling Fund.

In terms of the campaign itself, it will incorporate the use of adverts on radio, websites and also social media to appeal to the main target audience. Adverts will also be placed in licensed betting venues at peak times in order to give the campaign the widest amount of coverage.

In total, Approximately AU$18 million is set to be released by the Responsible Gambling Fund within the next year to help prevent problem gambling.

How will the campaign work?

The campaign will focus on the harmful effects that problem gambling can have on someone’s life and on those around them. It will aim to provide useful tips and advice on how not to become a problem gambler and how to quit or reduce gambling should someone become addicted. It will also offer a quiz for people to take to see how at risk they actually are.

With problem gambling on the rise in Australia, the Government’s new betiquette campaign could be the start of a wider strategy to reduce the issue in the country.

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