Latest Betfair Casino odds give Donald Trump’s chances of a second term a boost

  • Trump moves to a 47% chance to make a full term according to Betfair
  • The 45th president still favourite to be impeached but approval ratings take a minor swing in his favour

It has been a turbulent opening year so far to Donald Trump’s tenure as President of the United States, this in itself it not surprising considering his presidential campaign divided so many Americans due to his bold claims and ill-advised comments.

However, with the ever-present threat of impeachment hanging over his head and consistent low popularity figures, it may come as a surprise that Betfair Casino have edged Trump back to a 47% chance of making it a full term and even 2/1 to be voted in for a second term this early in preceding’s.

Still Odds Against

That 47% still represents odds against but is an improvement of 3% despite the recent white supremacist debacle in which Trump once again came under fire.

This minor increase has been reflected in his latest approval ratings from the 17th August which saw him claw back 2.7% from a disapproval rate of 57.6% five days prior to the latest disapproval rating of 54.9%.

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power Casino also echo a similar feeling to Betfair and have Donald Trump to be impeached at any time during his first tenure at 4/6

What year will he go?

Looking at the trend, Betfair make it clear they expect Trump to carry on into 2018 with his departure from office in 2017 now at only a 9% chance.

A 2018 impeachment, has a 27% chance of happening with 2019 lower at a 17% chance, however, 2020 and beyond remains favourite at 47% the same year the candidates go at it again.

However, Betfair themselves offer some tongue in cheek presidential candidates with Kim Kardashian price at 275/1 to become the 46th US President.

A Catalogue of Controversy

Eight months in and with the Donald’s Trumps catalogue of controversies, it is not hard to see why online casinos such as Betfair and PaddyPower are running so many Donald Trump specials.

There have been some pretty high profile public outcrys such the insistence that Mexico will pay for a giant wall across the border and even admitting that he thought being president would be ‘easier’.

That is not to mention the recent White supremacist fall-out where Trump claimed both sides were at fault and the May firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Whatever happens over the next few years will be closely monitored but Donald Trump will do everything he can to remain in office and avoid joining former Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton as the only US presidents to have been impeached.

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