Atlantic City casinos court millennials with video game-style slots

  • Atlantic City casinos looking for new ways to attract millennials
  • Could video game-style slots pull in younger audience?

Atlantic City, a home for thousands of slot machines, is turning to the power of video games to seize its share of the millennial market.

Video game-style slots to attract Millennial generation
Video game-style slots are being innovated to attract the Millennial generation

Traditional slots are slowly becoming old news, and interest in them has been rapidly declining. New generations of players have a different vision of what constitutes fun, and they aren’t willing to settle. So casinos are having to up their game.

Looking to find an answer to the millennial dilemma, casinos in Atlantic City have come up with the concept of ‘video game gambling’. By offering games that involve a significant element of skill instead of just relying on luck, they are targeting the new generation of players who are quickly becoming a key target audience.

Familiar gaming experience

In the heart of the Atlantic City, three Caesars Entertainment casinos and Tropicana have set up new gaming machines. Offering new and unique experience, Danger Arena and Pharaoh’s Secret Temple, developed by GameCo Inc, are the first skill-based games of this type in the USA.

The Danger Arena targets more hardcore gamers as it features an atmosphere similar to first-person shooters (FPS) like Call of Duty. Pharaoh’s Secret Temple targets millennials who prefer a more relaxed gaming experience found with titles like the runaway success Candy Crush Saga.

Seeking New Revenue Sources

It is no secret that Atlantic City casinos have been struggling over the past few years. A number of once prosperous casinos have been forced to shut down, and those remaining are on a constant lookout for new revenue streams.

Skill based games stand as one possible answer to the problem Atlantic City is faced with. These should appeal to millennials who enjoy the video and social media games but don’t find slot machines appealing. By offering them a different experience, casinos hope to increase their enjoyment levels, leading to them spending more money and boosting casino revenues in the process.

Declining interest in gaming isn’t a problem just for Atlantic City. Similar trends have been noticed at all gambling destinations. The recently concluded ICE 2017 industry expo pointed out that skill based games are the answer and the way to kindle a casino gaming passion within the millennial generation.

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