AskGamblers claims record year for complaints handling against online casinos

  • More than 5,000 complaints against online casinos recorded in the last year
  • However almost half of complaints rejected for not meeting ‘Casino Complaint Guidelines’

The complaints service offered by online casino affiliate website has this week reported record figures for the last 12 months. In the year 2016-17, the website says it received a total of 5,268 complaints from 3,211 players, affecting 613 different online casinos and with 1,120 players getting some or all of their money back. has released its 2016 complaints annual report. has released its 2016 complaints annual report.

In total, the amount of money returned to players as a result of complaints made through was $2,710,213.27; almost 55% up on the previous year, the website says.

Of the just over 5,000 complaints received by the website, however, nearly half were rejected. state that they have a set of Casino Complaint Guidelines which players must abide by. 2,360 of last year’s complaints were sent back to players for not following these rules.

What were players unhappy about?

The hottest topic for complaints in 2016 was payment issues, with 1,812 of the 2,350 total complaints falling into this grouping. For the sake of comparison, this follows the same pattern as in previous years, when payment issues have consistently been the most complained about area.

Other topics of complaint included account handling, deposit and bonus issues and problems with software, although the numbers of complaints in all of these sectors combined were still less than those concerning payment problems.

Sorting things out quickly

According to the report, the average time taken to sort out a player’s complaint through their service in the last year was just under eight working days. The record time for resolving any complaint, however, was just one hour and 12 minutes.

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