See how they run! Jump into the action with the new 3 Blind Mice online slot

  • Title relives classic nursery rhyme with captivating animation
  • 3 Blind Mice come out to snaffle food at risk of the farmer’s wife’s knife!

Leander Games, an independent online slots developer has launched many a slot. However, with its latest release it has put its finger on one thing many of us – including plenty of online casino players have in common – we all like a good snack or two.

3 Blind Mice Slot Launch Leander

It is for this reason that the tasty food treat design aesthetic of the new 3 Blind Mice slot goes some way towards making the game incredibly moreish.

Nursery rhyme, with a twist

Of course, Three Blind Mice is a famous child’s nursery rhyme that for many is likely to bring back childhood memories.

In the tale, three blind mice run after a farmer’s wife, only for her to cut off their tails with the dreaded carving knife. What this is supposed to teach children, we’re not quite sure.

However, when it comes to online slot games, the three blind mice of the story bring with them casino chaos and plenty of opportunities to win!

The game, which is presented in neat 3D graphics, is a video slot, with five reels and 20 paylines.

Leander runs its games through a modern interface that gives a high level of gameplay. As such, alongside the standard game players will find a number of unique wilds and bonus games.

Setting the scene

3 Blind Mice takes place in an animated bakery setting – complete with a selection of tasty on-screen treats that tempt the protagonists from their mouse holes on the left of the reels.

It makes for a fun and humorous theme that adds a little entertainment to the slot playing.

The 3 Blind Mice themselves are seen on the left of the reels, while the farmer’s wife is liable to appear suddenly in the third reel. Adding to the colour are food items such as sausages, wheatbags and garlic cloves, while symbols themselves are based on card values decorated with food.

Wilds, bonuses and more

There are plenty of extras to be found in the game, most of them – somewhat unsurprisingly – are rodent-themed. The Farmers Wife Wild sees the famous fictional wife wielding her cleaver if a corresponding symbol is landed on reel three. Get a mouse to reach the symbol and players will soon be hitting an expanding wild and thus complete an incomplete paylines.

When it comes to big wins, the Big Cheese Trail Bonus is where it’s at. This feature is entered by getting a mouse trap symbol of the fifth reel. From thereon it’s a simple die roll game, in which the further you get the more money you win.

In all, 3 Blind Mice is a fun-filled affair that’s perfect for fans of slots that are equal parts entertainment and winning decent jackpots.

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