$150,000 win for lucky Pennsylvania Lottery Powerball player

  • Pennsylvania Lottery player scoops six-figure prize
  • The huge jackpot, now at $510 million, is still to be won

Excitement has been brewing for the Pennsylvania Lottery’s Powerball, which grew a staggering $510 million after the draw on Wednesday August 17 failed to produce a winner.
Though the focus is on the jackpot – the eighth largest in U.S. history – there are still some who have scored life-changing wins, including one person who purchased a winning ticket and has $150,000 waiting for them to claim.

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How to play

It costs $2 to play the Pennsylvania Lottery Powerball. Players simply have to choose a total of five numbered balls (1-69), as well as a red ball, the Powerball, whose number can range from one to 26. Matching all five regular numbers plus the Powerball wins the jackpot, though there are several other ways of winning prizes. One of them, for example, is by matching four white balls along with the Powerball.

The winning ticket

The winning ticket did just this. The prize for doing this is typically $50,000, though the owner of the winning ticket also purchased the $1 Power Play addition. This allows winners of low-tier prizes to multiply their prize by a factor of between two and four, depending on what Power Play number is drawn.

In this instance, the multiplier was three, hence the prize jumping from $50,000 to $150,000. The retailer that sold the winning ticket, Sajan Convenience, is situated in the borough of Wyoming in Luzerne County. As a reward for selling the ticket, the retailer will receive a selling bonus of $500.

Supporting older residents

All proceeds from the Pennsylvania Lottery go towards various programs that benefit older residents – Pennsylvania is currently the only state whose lottery does this. Proceeds raised from the lottery over the years are around $28 billion and have helped fund projects across the state, assistance with prescriptions, various care services, transportation and funding both rent rebates and property tax.

The jackpot

The next draw for the half-billion dollar jackpot will take place Saturday evening. The chances of winning it currently stand at around one in 292.2 million.

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