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Evolution Slot

  • TypeSlot
  • DeveloperNetEnt
  • Themesci-fi
  • Reels5
  • Paylines25
  • Progressive JackpotNo
Evolution is a 5 reel, 3 row online slot game from NetEnt, with 25 paylines and great visual aesthetics.Inspired by the evolving creatures of the deep undersea, Evolution is an immersive experience, and an innovative take on bonus features, with plenty of free spins up for grabs and an “evolution” feature that sees symbols literally evolve before your eyes.

Look and Feel

There’s no mistaking that Evolution is a beautifully designed game. The attention to detail is great, from the vaguely sci-fi inspired UI, with sleek gray/black buttons and gently glowing text, to the way the reels are designed without tile boundaries, showing the symbols bobbing in the deep water.The animation is beautiful, down to the rays of sunlight that appear to permeate the depths, and the ambient soundtrack is soothing and immersive, with watery sound effects to accompany reel spins and electronic musical stings announcing wins.The artwork is very inventive, with lower value symbols depicted by small amoeba and jelly-like creatures, right up to crustaceans and proto-mammals for higher value symbols.Care was obviously taken to name each symbol, down to the alphanumeric lower value tiles, and they certainly add an additional level of humor and fun to the game, with amusing Latin-inspired names as follows:A – Crustacio springum K – Jellocus squidae Q – Jellocus finnum J – Blobulus astrum 10 – Primo blobulusThe higher value symbols are, in their evolutionary order from sea slug-type mollusk to fantasy proto-mammal:Albus slugus Bestia dentum Basilisk hairicus Basilisk pluma Draconius rexFree Spin and Wild symbols are equally beautifully designed, with sci-fi style glowing text over eerily floating bubbles.


Evolution offers a floor bet of 25p, capped at a maximum £125 per spin. Bet level is controlled simply by the “bet level” and “coin value” buttons; there are no options to bet less than the included 25 pay lines, although there are max bet and autoplay functions, allowing you to focus on your gameplay experience.There is potential to win up to 440,000 coins in Evolution, given the game’s innovative and competitive bonus features.


Evolution offers a number of free spin features. Three or more free spin symbols anywhere on the reels will get you ten free spins, four symbols will earn fifteen free spins, and five free spin symbols will earn twenty free spins.Free spin mode activates the game’s bonus Evolution feature. Here, in every winning combination, the symbols will actively evolve to their next state, so even a low value win can be significantly improved.A Blobulus astrum (J) would become a Jellocus finnum (Q), and the same applies to the higher value creatures with, for example, a Bestia dentum evolving to a Basilisk hairicus, which could see your winnings evolve massively, too!

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