Aliens Slot

  • TypeSlot
  • DeveloperNetEnt
  • Themealiens
  • Reels5
  • Paylines15
  • Progressive JackpotNo
Aliens is a Net Entertainment online slot machine which is not just based on James Cameron’s 1986 epic sequel to Alien, but also various other entries into the Alien universe, including the first three films, as well as the Alien vs. Predator: Requiem film, and several Alien PC and PlayStation games, such as Aliens:Colonial Marines. Aliens has been critically acclaimed for its graphics and original style of gameplay.

Look and feel

Any Alien nut will notice the references to Weyland Yutani (the evil company) in this game, as well as various stages of the Xenomorphs lifestyle and hierarchy. Expect to find eggs, facehuggers, chestbursters, warrior and drone xenomorphs, acid-spitting Aliens, the Predalien, and the mother of the brood, the infamous Alien Queen in this slot game.Gameplay is based on the Alien Activity Meter which spans the top of the slot’s 5 reels. It is that which can ultimately trigger a bonus round, and one of the best visually stunning bonus rounds in the entire slot world in the Aliens slot.


Players will find that Aliens consists of 5 reels and just 15 paylines. Players can select coin values of 1p up to £1 in this slot, and bet as many as 10 coins per line. Expect to find wagers costing anything from 15p up to £15 per spin.If players strike it lucky on the paylines, they can win as much as 1,000x their total bet. However, that prize is beaten by the non-progressive jackpot win players can have via the bonus round.


Aliens contains one of the most unique and engaging methods of triggering a bonus. Bonuses are not triggered via scatters, but by landing consecutive wins. The more wins a player lands in succession, the more the Alien Activity Metre will fill up. It decreases with losses. Once a player has filled the bar, they will be taken to Level 1: The Search.The first level of the bonus features wild symbols on the second to fifth reels. Players can bag free spins if they keep landing ammunition via a counter after each spin. That ammo is used to kill Xenomorphs in a wonderfully designed bonus feature, which contains the best graphics seen thus far in the slot world. If players survive The Search, they will advance to The Encounter, where wilds can appear randomly on all reels. Survive that by landing more ammo, and you may finally get to take on the Alien Queen herself in Level 3: The Hive.


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