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At Casinopedia we take our free slots from online casinos seriously. We’ve reviewed and tested nearly every new and existing game and here we allow you to play the very best and most popular slots. Here you’ll find:

  • Freeplay versions of all the latest slot games
  • Which casinos are best to play free slots
  • A full review of each online slot
  • A summary of each game’s theme, reels, symbols, bet limits and more!

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As an online casino fan it can be daunting knowing where to start, when it comes to game selection, there is an almost overwhelming choice out there. Perhaps you like classic slot games, or you’re into immersive gameplay; maybe progressive jackpots are your thing, or you just want to jump in and get spinning.

Even those options don’t really narrow your choice down. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you.

We’ve tried, tested and reviewed nearly every casino game out there and added our best online casino list of the very best to the table above.

In the table you’ll find the essential information needed when trying a new casino game. We focus on the things that matter and give you the facts so that you can jump straight in and play. Simply click on a game to find out all you need to know. And, to get you straight into the action, we even suggest a casino at which you can play.

Casinopedia free online slots review system

There’s a lot more to online slots games than its look and feel, or which characters it includes. While those things are important to you, there’s a host of other key information that can shape the way you play, the hours you can put into a game and – most importantly – how you can get on with winning.

Any slot game that makes our free slots list has been exhaustively tested by our team of casino experts. And because they are all players they know what really matters. If a slot game is on our list, you can rest assured it offers you the very best online casino action.

What do we test?

The simple answer? Everything. Naturally, we tell you a little about the slots theme and the kind of characters it features – for some of you that’s really important. But we also give you more info about that overall look and feel considering things like the soundtrack, graphics or visual elements, how smoothly the game runs and how the various elements interact on the reels. They may seem like little things but they’re what get you hooked to start with.

You’ll also find detailed information about the gameplay telling you things like maximum or minimum bets, how many ways you can win, paylines and other crucial elements that will help you maximise your chances for winnings.

Lastly, we have a dedicated bonuses section. As an online casino fan you’ll know that games vary vastly in terms of what extras they offer: free spins, bonus games, random prizes and so on. Some players have preferences, others don’t. Whichever player you are you’ll find all you need to know here.

Helpfully, if you don’t have time to read our full game review we’ve collated all the key points into an easy to sort table where you’ll also find our suggested casino at which you can play the online slot game of your choice most reviews contain demo play free slots, so dive in and enjoy the excitement of free play today.

All you have to do it take your pick and get started.