Mega Mobile: Woman takes home $6.4 million jackpot after playing just $35 at LeoVegas

  • Lucky 57-year-old scoops biggest ever mobile Mega Fortune Dreams win
  • Staggering $6.4 million jackpot was made having only bet $36 while playing

It’s fair to say that online slot, Mega Fortune Dreams likes to live up to its name. The game, well known for its large progressive jackpots has just made one lucky woman $6.4 million (€5.5 millions) richer while playing at LeoVegas Casino.

leovegas mega fortune dreams

And as if a figure like that weren’t remarkable enough, the 57-year-old woman – who at this point remains unnamed – found herself in the enviable position of becoming a multi-millionaire after playing just $36 (€31) at the casino.

‘Such an astonishing win’

A spokesperson for LeoVegas said of the win: “We are incredibly happy to make our customers’ dreams come true, especially with such an astonishing win! My guess is that our latest multi-millionaire will have very enjoyable summer, regardless of what she decides to spend her winnings on.”

As the woman – who won the amount playing Mega Fortune Dreams on her mobile – has yet to comment on the win its fair to speculate on what a jackpot like may be spent on. How many times have you thought about that very same question playing at the online casino?

Fortunately for her (and for us imaginative individuals) LeoVegas has been happy to oblige. Apparently, that amount could buy the lucky jackpot winner more than 30 Rolls-Royce motor cars, a Caribbean island, more sweets than she’d likely be able eat in her lifetime and more than one million portions of fish and chips.

Biggest mobile Mega Fortune Dreams win

This latest win represent the second largest jackpot to ever be claimed by someone playing at LeoVegas and the biggest Mega Fortune Dreams mobile win.

Unfortunately for our lucky 57-year-old it isn’t the biggest ever win – but it was pretty close. That honour fell to another LeoVegas player who, on January 11 2015 hit a world record with a biggest mobile win of more than $6.47 million(€5.56 million).

Players wanting to try their luck at LeoVegas, and Mega Fortune Dreams have some pretty large numbers to live up to too. The five biggest jackpots at the casino are as follows:

  • 1. €5.56 million, Mega Fortune Dreams, January 11, 2015
  • 2. €5.45 million, Mega Fortune Dreams, July 2017
  • 3. €4.43 million, Mega Fortune Dreams, July 19, 2015
  • 4. €2.84 million, Joker Millions, July 11, 2016
  • 5. €2.38 million, Mega Fortune, September 6, 2015


When it comes to jackpot wins, this is a big one. And, it appears, Mega Fortune Dreams has been more than happy to oblige again. The game has history – not only has it paid off for a few lucky punters at LeoVegas before (check out the list above), but it’s also made some big winners at other online casinos too; only a few months ago a Casumo Casino player struck it lucky. Of course, winning on the online slots is down to luck. But, if you’re really pushing for it, it may seem that Mega Fortune Dreams could be worth a spin. In the meantime, a big hand to the lucky latest winner.

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