Woman takes casino to court alleging her jackpot was swapped for a steak

  • Katrina Bookman alleges she won close to $43 million playing the Sphinx slot at Resorts World
  • However, casino state it was due to a machine malfunction and maximum payout is only $6,500

It has been reported by the BBC that a Brooklyn woman has appeared in court seeking a casino jackpot she claims she was denied due to an alleged machine malfunction. Katrina Bookman sought legal redress after believing she’d scooped a $42 million jackpot at Resorts World Casino on Rockaway Boulevard in the state of New York.

A 17-page complaint details the circumstances surrounding the incident, which occurred on August 23, 2016 while the complainant was playing the Sphinx slot machine.

casino winner steak dinner
Katrina Bookman claims she won a jackpot of $42 million at the Resorts World Casino (image: Fox5 News)

Selfie in front of the jackpot

According to reports, Bookman alleges that the slot machine informed her that she’d won the jackpot and the screen displayed a message stating that it was printing a cash ticket to the tune of $42,949,672.76. To bolster her claim, the woman included a selfie she took in front of the machine with the message displayed in the background.

She then alleges that Resorts World Casino staff escorted her from the floor and told her to return the next day, when a decision would be made on her winnings.

Machine malfunction, and a steak dinner

The next day, it is said that Bookman was informed there had been a machine malfunction, with the casino allegedly offering to pay her the remaining $2.25 balance she had in the machine plus a steak dinner. Although the complainant would appear to have a prima facie case, it is becoming clear that there is merit to the casino’s claim of a machine malfunction.

For one thing, the maximum payout obtainable from the Sphinx slot is supposed to be $6,500. Moreover, a similar claim was filed in Iowa in 2011 in which a Hello Kitty slot displayed a similar message informing a player that they’d won over $40 million. The complainant in that case, an 87-year-old grandmother, was ultimately unsuccessful in having her winnings granted to her.

The letter case went all the way to the state’s Supreme Court, where Justice Edward Mansfield explained: “Consider the other side of the coin. Suppose the symbols had aligned so that McKee was entitled to a payout under the rules of the game, but the machine did not inform her of a payout. Would the casino have been obligated to compensate her despite the absence of a notification that she had won? We think so.”

It remains to be seen whether Queens County Supreme Court rules against Katrina Bookman and her multi-million dollar claim. Regardless of the outcome, any punter who is informed they have won a life-changing jackpot only to later learn that it was only a mechanical error is at least entitled to run the gamut of emotions.

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