Fur goodness sake: woman pleads guilty to stealing $15,000 coat from MGM casino

  • Earlier this year woman entered cloakroom at MGM National Harbor and stole coat
  • Pleads guilty to theft of fur coat, worth $15,000 and receives a day in jail

Cleaning up at the casino usually involves having a particularly good run at the roulette table. One MGM customer, however, walked away with more than she started the night with after swiping a $15,000 fur coat.

woman steals coat from MGM nation harbor

As reported by Casinopedia in March 2017, the brazen theft occurred after the woman pleaded to have lost her cloakroom ticket and, after being invited to search through the cloakroom for her jacket, picked the most expensive coat in the house and walked off in it.

Opportunistic theft

Last week, the same woman undertook a different sort of plea after pleading guilty to the theft from the MGM National Harbor. Forty-six-year-old Rosa Aviles was sentenced to a day in jail and 31 hours of community sentence.

Court records provide a detailed explanation of how the opportunistic theft went down. After checking a black and white chequered jacket into the MGM cloakroom, Aviles returned a few hours later but the attendant couldn’t locate her jacket.

It was then that the Southwest Washington woman was given the opportunity to locate her jacket and when she encountered the fur coat beckoning invitingly, the temptation clearly proved too great. Aviles calmly walked out clad in her fleecy new jacket, only for a diner in the establishment’s eatery, Fish to exit the restaurant a short while afterward and realise her jacket was missing.

However, If there’s one thing casinos aren’t short of it’s security cameras and it didn’t take long for police to piece together the case. A search warrant was issued for Aviles’ apartment and the coat was located before being returned to its owner.

Given that Aviles’ own jacket bore no resemblance to the full-length gray mink coat she walked away in, it wasn’t as if she could claim a case of mistaken identity. The fact that the jacket was successfully located and that Aviles’ confessed to the crime, coupled with the lack of premeditation, accounts for the light sentence that was handed out.

The 46-year-old is now on probation however, and it seems safe to assume that she won’t be crossing the threshold of the MGM again any time soon.

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