Four good reasons to give live casino games a try

Can you really bring the land-based casino atmosphere and experience to the player, direct to their mobile or device, at any time, wherever they are?

The technological advances of live casino have meant that it is now possible to have that level of immersion hitherto only available by walking through the doors of your nearest land-based venue.

But how many players must only get as far as the slot games and go no further?

Some might consider the live casino too ‘VIP’ or might feel they have to interact with the dealers and engage in unwanted banter.

Actually, the live casino experience can be exactly how the player wants it to be – and there’s a whole other bunch of reasons why heading to the slot lobby every time you log on actually sees you missing out on one of the most impressive aspects of the online casino experience.

Here’s a little rundown on why you might which to play live, once in a while.

The atmosphere

Now, while there is no pressure to actually engage in dialogue with dealers, beyond a polite ‘hello’, many players do welcome the chance to either speak directly to the dealer, or see what other players are saying.

This building of rapport on the table does reflect what goes on in traditional casinos, and the experience becomes more than about just trying to win money, but it becomes even more of a social, fun activity.

You will find that the dealers will happily engage in almost any conversation you wish, and there’s probably a level of banter to suit everyone.

Evolution Gaming's Baccarat tables are available at a large number of online casinos.
Baccarat games, like those provided by Evolution Gaming, pictured, can offer great camera angles of cards as the are revealed.

The camera angles also are much more advanced now, and there are games like immersive roulette which zoom in on the reel as the ball lands, and baccarat squeeze, which focuses on the card as the dealer tantalisingly reveals what value card has come out of the shoe next.

The returns

One of the best things about proper table games is the returns on offer.

Table games like baccarat, blackjack and roulette can offer house edges of just 0.5-2.6%. Compare that to most slots which usually have a house edge of around 5%, with some exceptions.

That means for every session, there’s a greater chance of keeping more of your bankroll.

live casino games

Also games like baccarat and roulette offer the chance to play betting systems like the Martingale, by offering straightforward even money bets.

While such systems do not turn a profit in the long term – they do at least add an element of strategy to games and a simple routine to follow.

With blackjack, players need to know their strategy, so it pays to do some research or play some practice hands, but skilled players can expect a return to player figure higher than 99% depending on how the game is set up.

Value for money

When you log in to a live casino you are getting the sole attention of a skilled live dealer, sometimes in a one-to-one situation if the tables are quiet.

That coupled with the ability to interact, the excellent quality cameras, the technology which recognises cards on the table to give the player a digital playing interface and the luxurious backdrops, all means that what you are buying in to actually costs quite a lot of money.

Consider also that these games pay quite well compared to their slot brethren, and you’ve got yourself an entertainment experience that is not only first-rate, but also gives the chance to win big.

While slot games also have a lot of money invested in them, they can’t quite compare with the feeling of service of a live casino.

Also, while the live casino experience is undoubtably a classy affair with women in nice dresses and men dressed up in tuxedos, it is actually surprisingly affordable, with minimum bets well within the price range of average players.

If you’re a VIP

Online casinos, of course, like to look after their VIPs.

And just like in the casinos of Las Vegas and Macau, it is not the slots which pulls in the whales, but the table games.

888 Live Casino's Elite Lounge Dealers
Casinos like 888 offer a full VIP experience

And so it is with online casinos, and much for the same reasons as with land based casinos.

VIPs want to feel like they are being given the five-star treatment, and if you are lucky enough to be able to mix it with the high rollers then you can expect the best experience that technology can deliver.

The tables will be set with higher limits, and most online casinos will offer their own VIP rooms, which are set away from the rest of the action.

So if you are a player betting big on baccarat like the Asian high rollers of Macau, or blackjack veteran who can afford to lay down a big chunk on each hand, then that’s no problem for top live casinos.

Where to play

So where to start? We suggest reading our guide to live casino before taking the plunge, where you can find out more, including the best bonuses.

Live dealer games are on offer at most online casino sites today, although some prefer to focus on slots.

Good ones to try are bgo Casino, which offers a full suite of games, with VIP options, 32Red Casino, 888 Casino, which also has its new ‘Elite Lounge’ nightclub-style backdrop, and Mr Green, which has a focus on fun and sometimes even features a visit from Mr Green himself.

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