The playboy lifestyle of sports betting star Robert Gorodetski attracts attention from stars and media alike

  • High profile names seek betting advice from young gambler
  • Robert Gorodetsky lives the gambling lifestyle in Vegas

A young social media star is making a name for himself among high profile betting circuits due to his unconventional style and his uncanny knack of beating the bookies.

Robert Gorodetsky, 25, has thousands of Instagram followers checking in on his party lifestyle, as the gambler mingles with some of the hottest stars in film and music, such as Odell Beckham Jr, below.

But who is the enigmatic Chicago gambler whose advice the stars are so keen to seek?

And just how does he pull off his unusual bets? USA Today spoke with Gorodetsky and his inner circle to uncover his secrets – including how he hopes to make billions when the US legalizes sports betting nationally.

Gambler reveals his secrets

Gorodetsky attracted attention again back in October, after placing a parlay bet between professional football leagues and their equivalent college games. His spot on Washington Wizards to win over the Detroit Pistons, and for Colorado State to beat New Mexico, riding a $100,000 wager netted him a tidy profit.

Another of his many wagers is exampled below.

“’I would take my knowledge and my gut instinct and bet the best numbers,” Gorodetsky revealed to reporters. “The house has no idea who’s going to win in summer league. They don’t know anybody who’s playing.”

The unpredictable and unconventional gambler is coasting along on a high tide right now, though some speculate that a wrong decision could see him fall far. “Imagine if you were writing about this guy that was walking on the high wire in the wind with no net,” RJ Bell told reporters. Well, the fact that you’re still writing about (Gorodetsky) means he hasn’t died yet.”

Betting maestro eyes sports betting market

Though many of Gorodetsky’s wagers are placed at the casino table, the young gambler has a very keen eye for a good sports bet. He places upwards of $350k on NFL matches and thousands more on baseball and hockey games – all within the legal Nevada gaming market.

Currently, access to sports betting services is restricted to four states – Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon. However, momentum for a national sports betting market is growing, and a number of states are moving to make sports betting legal on a local level already. With greater opportunities for wagering on sports games, bettors like Gorodetsky stand to make some serious profit.

The gambling guru could even make his own sports lines and open his own books, just as he does in Nevada with Vegas lines on frivolous whims – such as whether he can get a woman’s number at the casino.

He also seems to love blackjack and roulette – games which prove mathematically impossible to beat the casino over the long term. But then, maybe that’s just about the fun.

Either way, the future looks bright for the Instagram star and his entourage.

“We’re going to have a market share of at least 5% of a $150 billion (sports betting) industry,” Gorodetsky’s friend Elo Hankham told USA Today. “When it goes legal, we’re going to be billionaires.”

He already seems to be doing ok.

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