Who is ‘Mr. Let it Ride’, the big-time gambler who allegedly scooped $14 million in World Series bets?

  • Mystery wins $14 million after winning 6 World Series bets, but pulls out on seventhgame
  • Social media scrambles to identify unknown player

An unknown high roller is picking up viral attention in the gambling community after it was revealed he had won 6 out of 6 of his World Series bets – scooping an estimated $14 million.

But with not much to go on, the story has been derided by some as being ‘fake news’.

The bold bettor opted to let each win ride, and was expected to place his winnings so far on Game 7 last night.

But sportsbook insider RJ Bell, on whom any media carrying the story has pinned as the source, tweeted that in fact the high rolling bettor seems to not have quite gone the whole hog with his wagering – stating he was keeping his winnings ahead of the game.

$14 million isn’t a bad haul, afterall.

RJ Bell has been sharing the story via Twitter, announcing that that mystery player had staked $8 million on a Dodgers win in Game 6 – which he guessed correctly.

The gambler seemed to have made some very astute picks.

Bell’s social media followers have also taken to speculating over who the unknown bettor could be, while the odds provider himself has been leaking details of the mysterious big winner.

How it played out

According to RJ Bell, the mystery gambler has been letting each win ride since Game 1 of the World Series. It was an evenly matched contest, with three wins for each of the teams until match seven, which Houston took.

The player is thought to have placed $8 million on the Dodgers vs Astros game, spreading bets at bookies throughout Las Vegas.

Bell told his Twitter followers that one Vegas sportsbook had been offered $2.8 million on the Dodgers victory by the bettor, although it is unclear whether the request was successful or not.

Again, Bell has not provided evidence, but his stance appears more to be about stating that no evidence has been provided to disprove it.

Clues to identity of high rolling sports fan

Though little is known about the mystery bettor, RJ Bell has done some digging and turned up a few clues, which have got internet sleuths speculating hard.

The player is thought to be an Eastern European man in his twenties. He has access to some serious cash, but he is not a regular gambler – at least, not in Las Vegas.

He has been linked to a handful of Vegas bets on UFC fights, where he is said to have laid down “monster bets” – and won every time. Publicly at least, this guy is undefeated against the bookmaker and he has an eye for the win.

Of course, there is still a lot of doubt, and it may be that large syndicate has laid the bets rather than an individual player.

Perhaps now the World Series is over, the mysterious bettor will come forward – but don’t bet on it.

Until then, bet detectives will want to keep a close eye on RJ’s account and see if the Vegas insider can turn up a few more clues.

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