Wheel of Fortune slot pays big on the Vegas Strip

  • Several big wins reported from Vegas casinos
  • One lucky winner scooped $1.67 million

It was a weekend for players, rather than casinos, on the Vegas Strip this weekend when a number of hopefuls scooped significant jackpot amounts on their favorite slot and poker games.

The Wheel of Fortune slot has proved profitable for some lucky Vegas Strip players.
The Wheel of Fortune slot has proved profitable for some lucky Vegas Strip players.

IGT’s series of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ games contributed to a very successful week for the Strip’s casino-goers.

Close to $3 million was won by just four players – including a staggering $1.67 million payout at Arizona Charlie’s Decatur.

Wheel of Fortune games pay three progressive jackpots

The winners of these progressive jackpots have not been named publicly, but they are no doubt celebrating their respective wins this week.

The most notable win of the weekend was the impressive $1.67 million, on the ‘Wheel of Fortune Lucky 7s’ game by IGT. These lucky 7s landed on the reels and gave the player a progressive jackpot win.

Another Wheel of Fortune game, the ‘Triple Hot Ice’ slot at Wynn Las Vegas, also paid its progressive jackpot out this week. The lucky player took away $343,000. Meanwhile over at the Casino Royale, it was ‘Wheel of Fortune Lucky Pink Diamonds’ which awarded one player a $304,000 progressive payout. A fourth big winner, playing high limit video poker at The Cosmopolitan, took home an additional $400,000.

Progressive jackpots create big winners

Slot games with progressive jackpots offer some of the greatest rewards for players, especially when games allow the top prize to be won for a minimum stake. The progressive jackpots build up over time, with each play contributing to the overall prize. Some are paid frequently, while others build for a long time and can run into the millions of dollars. The series of progressive payouts on IGT games is coincidental, but it marks an expensive weekend for the casinos and game operators.

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