What to Look for When Seeking a Secure Online Casino

  • Learn the warning signs that typify an untrustworthy casino
  • Here are some of our top tips for finding a reputable casino

Security is one of the most important factors when gamblers are choosing which online casino to opt for. Punters want to know that their details and their money is safe and they want a casino that plays fair.

Online security at casinos
However you choose to access your favourite online casino, security if paramount. If you want to be safe, read on…

In order to help you identify which casinos to trust and which to avoid, we’ve assembled a short guide to help you in your quest.

UK Gambling Commission

If you are gambling primarily in the UK then it is worth checking whether the casino you are signing up for has a licence with the UK Gambling Commission. The UK has one of the strictest gambling legislators, which has no hesitation in handing down fines to even the biggest of companies for any compliance issues.

If you have any doubts about whether a company has a licence to operate in the UK you can you use this handy tool by the Gambling Commission to search for them. This will not only show whether the company is listed by the commission but also whether they have sanctions recorded against the company name.


One simple way of checking whether the online casino you are visiting is secure or not is to check the address bar. Websites which transfer financial information should have https:// at the start rather than the more basic http://.

Online security https browser
It’s worth noting the address of the website, something as simple as an https could be a hint at a casino’s security

The ‘s’ stands for secure and means the information sent from your browser to their server is encrypted and vice versa. Not all sites require https:// but if they’re handling your financial information this is a must. Luckily, it only takes seconds to look up and make certain.

Terms and conditions

It is easy to be taken in by the headline offer when you first visit a new casino and in a moment of excitement look no further. Nobody likes reading terms and conditions especially when they’re filled with complicated language and legal jargon. But having a quick check beyond the front page of any casino is well worth your time, especially before you make your first deposit.

Pages that will give you vital information include the FAQ, the deposit and withdrawal pages and of course terms and conditions. You don’t have to read every single word but do pay attention to how your money will be handled and what you’ll need to do to claim your payouts.

In this day and age it isn’t difficult to keep your customers well-informed and any site that is short on these kinds of vital details is to be avoided.


Lastly it is worth checking how easy it will be to contact the casino in the event that something does go wrong. Customer support is hugely variable across the industry with some companies providing nothing more than email support with others supporting live chat, WhatsApp and dedicated numbers.

Online security customer service
Contact is key. If you can’t get hold of anyone at a casino, or it appears unwilling to help players then perhaps that’s a sign

It doesn’t take long to visit the contact page and check. If you perform these checks you you can be confident you’ve done everything in your power to source out an online casino you can trust.

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