Hendon Mob survey reveals player opinions of the top online poker sites

  • The Hendon Mob adds surveys looking to gather insightful information about the poker industry
  • A few early surveys showing interesting and somewhat unexpected results

A popular poker database website has surveyed its users for their thoughts on the world of online poker and how they view the brands of the big players.

Hendon Mob poker survey
The Hendon Mob poker survey has revealed opinions on top poker websites.

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In terms of those major names, 14.7% of those polled at The Hendon Mob website perceived the PokerStars brand ‘very well’ while 30% considered the brand ‘very poor’, a much higher number than PartyPoker, at 12.7% and 888, at 12.6%.

Meanwhile 20.4% of the people rated PartyPoker ‘very well’, while the numbers were 16.1% for 888. But the most highly regarded brand was World Series of Poker (WSOP) at 40.7%. World Poker Tour also scored high at 35.6% in the ‘very well’ score category. However, World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour are heavily¬†concerned with the live experience, so that may have influenced the figures.

The Hendon Mob is one of the most frequented poker sites that don’t offer actual poker games. Featuring a huge database of all live tournaments, the site is a key¬†destination for poker fans, players, and media looking for information. With three million unique yearly visitors, The Hendon Mob now decided to add short surveys to their site, looking to gather feedback from the poker community on many important aspects of the industry.

Other results thus far

Surveys at The Hendon Mob haven’t been active for all that long, but the site has already had some very interesting ideas, asking their visitors questions about poker and gambling in general. Some of the survey questions that have been featured thus far include:

Planning to open an account with a new online poker room within the next year?: 56% said no, while only 15.4% said yes.

Would you pay to watch live streaming of WSOP?: Almost 60% said no, and only 6.6% would be willing to pay $20 or more.

Would you pay to watch live streams of high stakes games? Surprisingly, 68% said no.

Although some of these results might not be what people from the industry expected or would like to see, they will add to the mix of poker community opinion. Even if the surveys don’t produce the most welcome results, the information can be used to dig deeper and find what it is that the poker community truly wants.

It remains to be seen how seriously the industry will take the data, and whether it will give rise to any change.

Gaining insightful information

The Hendon Mob is in a truly unique position when it comes to surveying poker industry demographics, be it players or fans, as there is hardly anyone even semi-serious about poker who doesn’t visit the site from time to time. This means they have access to all sorts of profiles, from casual, recreational players, to hardcore professionals with millions in winnings.

With such a diverse and relevant sample of users, their survey should be able to gather insightful data about many interesting issues within the industry. Mediarex, the current owner of The Hendon Mob and Global Poker League, hopes this information could be used to benefit poker as a whole, as it will reflect thoughts, ideas, and convictions of a large and versatile sample, securing a high level of relevance.

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