What is WannaCry and are online casino players at risk?

  • Malicious software known as WannaCry which began spreading on Friday
  • More than 200,000 victims in around 150 countries have been infected by the cyber attack
  • Does it pose a threat to online casino players?

WannaCry is the ransomeware programme used in the global cyber attack which was launched last Friday infecting more than 230,000 computers and brought the UK National Health Service (NHS) to a standstill. But will it affect online casino players?

WannaCry made a big impact, but reputable online casinos have enough capability to keep themselves safe.
WannaCry made a big impact, but reputable online casinos have enough capability to keep themselves safe. Players must still pay attention to their own security however.

The reason for the severe spread through the NHS is that once WannaCry is in an organisation, it searches for vulnerable devices and infects them.

For those less in the know, a ransomware attack is when a hacker hijacks your device and infects it demanding a payment for the virus to be taken off your computer and for the contents to be returned to you.

In this instance, $300 in virtual currency Bitcoin was demanded for each infected machine with a report by the BBC claiming the hijack had not proved wholly profitable with the wallets set up to receive the payments only at the $30,000 mark, proving people are refusing to pay.

Have online casinos been hit?

With large sums of money working their way through online casinos, it is only natural that they become a high risk for cyber attacks.

However, due to this knowledge, online casinos are particularly savvy when it comes to their online data protection with increased security measures, identification techniques and investigation skills to prevent any breach of major attack.

Online casinos spend vast sums of money protecting their websites from cyber attacks with security in the coding of the website taken very seriously.

Any breach in the ‘back-end’ can be tough to detect so ensuring it is protected in the first place becomes of paramount of importance.

Online casinos rely on secure encryption by providing military-grade protection against hacking and data loss. In addition, data is routinely stored in less accessible places, to make sure that even if a website or app is hacked, privacy concerns are not significant.

By choosing an reviewed online casino on Casinopedia, you can be sure of playing with an operator with the highest levels of security.

Is online casino gaming any more dangerous now?

Due to the complexity of the WannaCry attack, it could have happened anywhere. If anything, for the reasons mentioned above, online casino gaming sites are often some of the safest places to be on the web.

Incremental back-up systems often mean that even in the event of a cyber attack, an online casino can just rewind its system to a point when there was no virus meaning it is unlikely for there to be any significant loss of data.

However, on your own device, there are plenty of things you can do to help yourself stay safe.

What can I do to reduce my risk of a ransomware attack?

The WannaCry programme only affects machines running the Windows operating system. Older versions of the operating system were particularly at risk, notably Windows XP.

Although that may be a majority, there are several steps you can take to ensure you do not become vulnerable.

Making sure you run regular updates, use firewalls and ensure you have an anti-virus software installed are all obvious things we should be doing along with taking care when opening and clicking on links in emails.

Ransomware attacks have become more prominent in recent years and heeding advice can save you a lot of time and bother, especially as even paying the ransom is no guarantee your device will be released.

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