What happened to the cast of Poker movie Rounders?

  • 1998 movie Rounders about a Poker player is often viewed as a must watch poker themed movie
  • Starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton, the film coincided with Pokers huge increase in popularity around the turn of the Millennium

As the millennium grew ever nearer, poker’s popularity was already hitting new heights when Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich starred in a film that turned the casino classic from cool to ice cold. Seen as one of the best poker-themed movies of its generation, Rounders told the story of a young talented poker player (Damon) who gives up the game to focus on law school only to get sucked in again when an old friend (Norton) is released from prison and needs to pay off a hefty debt.

Released in 1998, the film twinned with poker’s ever growing online player portfolio allowing everyone to feel the buzz of the game through its continued ease of access online with the movie no doubt responsible for a spike in online poker’s popularity.

With this in mind, we thought why not find out where the stars of the film are nearly twenty years after its release.

Matt Damon

The star of the show and fresh of the back of the hugely successful film Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon’s stock is one that continues to rise with a string of hit films even now. A catalogue of hit films, Damon is probably most recognisable for playing Jason Bourne in the first three films in the Bourne franchise.

These days, at 47, Damon is still acting whilst also working as a film producer for Pearl Street Films. However, Damon’s poker habits were not just portrayed in the film Rounders, in 2011, it surfaced that the American enjoyed the occasional game of poker and had even been involved in games with $100,000 buy-ins with fellow actor Ben Affleck.

Edward Norton

Norton played a fine supporting role in Rounders but like Damon, found fame in more recognisable titles. Roles such as the Narrator in Fight Club, Steve Frazelli in the Italian Job and The Hulk in the Incredible Hulk all ended up pushing Norton into the A-List category.

Still acting today, Norton voiced the character Rex in the film Isle of Dogs which is due for release in 2018 and over the years has taken part in numerous charity organisations and continues to work closely with the Maasai Wilderness Trust.

John Malkovich

At the time, John Malkovich was the A list name on the Rounders roster and continues to be a heavyweight name in the film industry. The man who played the baddy of the film Teddy KGB continues to be a busy man with four films released in 2017 alone and at least one penned in for 2018, Valley of the Gods.

As well as acting, Malkovich is a recognisable voice to gamers around the world after voicing the character Oz in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and even appeared in Eminem’s 2015 hit music video for the song ‘Phenomenal’. At 63, Malkovich shows no signs of slowing down, which is a good thing as one of Hollywood’s most recognisable and talented actors and writers.

John Turturro

Turturro played the character Joey Knish in Rounders, a character inspired by Poker legend Joel “Bagels” Rosenberg. Although slightly lesser known than the above trio, Turturro continues to have an impressive career and has appeared in a number of blockbuster hits such as the Transformer franchise, Mr Deeds and voicing Francesco Bernoulli in Disney’s Cars 2.

Already with two films in post-production for 2018 and one being filmed as we speak, it appears that we will be seeing a lot more of the 60-year-old next year.

Gretchen Mol

Damon’s girlfriend in the film, Mol went on to continue her career in a number of household movies such as Get Carter, 3:10 to Yuma and the Shape of Things.

However, it is TV Where Mol is now most recognisable. Lead Roles in the American adaptation of Life on Mars and roles in the hit show Boardwalk Empire has propelled the 45-year-old actress to heights her movie career never quite achieved.

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