What are the top trends to look out for in casinos and betting in 2018?

  • Spectrum Gaming produces the list of top 10 trends in the gambling industry in 2018
  • Many interesting predictions for the US and Asia, as things are starting to change on the legal and political fronts

Not many predicted that Bitcoin, which gained traction in large part due to its use in the online gambling world, would hit $11,000 this year. No one has a crystal ball, but the business of prediction is a big one. So what are going to be the big trends in betting and casinos in 2018?

What's going to happen in 2018 in the casino and betting industry.
What’s going to happen in 2018 in the casino and betting industry.

Spectrum Gaming Group, a company specializing in independent research, has published the annual list of top 10 trends in the gambling industry to keep an eye out for in 2018.

The list pin points many of the interesting potential and probable developments broken down by major regions of the world.


One of the most important things in the USA next year will be the legalization of sports betting and online gambling in general.

According to Spectrum Gaming, there will be fierce political battles between those looking to keep the control over the emerging industry within state and tribal borders and those seeking to create a wider, federal legislation.

Those states that already have legalized gambling will be looking to make the most out of it, by adding new machines in places such as truck stops and liquor stores. By doing this, they’ll try to plug their budget deficits.

Also, coming out of bankruptcy, the report predicts Caesars Entertainment will once again become the force to be reckoned with in the gambling world.


Asia has been in the focus for the past couple of years with some very interesting movements in the field of casinos.

Japan is particularly interesting in this equation, as Spectrum predicts that after the casino legalization legislation is finally passed in 2018, there will be a fierce battle between several international and domestic companies to obtain one of the three licenses expected to be awarded.

Macau lived up to the group’s expectations in 2017, seeing a 15% year on year growth in the gross gambling revenue, finally leaving behind the prolonged bad period.

However, with China ramping up their policy to prevent illegal gambling and new properties coming in 2018, the market is expected to go through some more changes.

Namely, a new wave of casinos is expected to come to Asia, in countries such as Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and, of course, Macau. However, Spectrum experts are of the opinion that this won’t lead to oversaturation of the market.

With revenues growing in most of these territories – it’s not hard to see more slack in the market to take up.


The online gambling industry in Europe will face a lot of scrutiny and will have to comply with much stricter regulations. The same goes for affiliate sites, which will be monitored much more closely. All of this could lead to some significant changes.

These trends are already being observed in the UK – with the UK Gambling Commission regulator coming down hard on many online casinos and betting operators in

Other expected trends in 2018

Spectrum Gaming Group believes Brazil will be one of the focal points for the gambling industry in 2018. If the legislation is passed, there could be as many as 35 new gambling venues opening in this South American country.

Finally, skill based gambling could become much more prominent. This could lead to a wave of new, different gaming titles from traditional casino game developers and those specializing in skill-based gaming such as GameCo and Gamblit.

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