You can be in pole position in 888Casino’s slot races tournament

Online video slots pit you against the house, hoping for a big win, where as something like poker sees you taking on other people in a bid to be the victor.

And while that statement is mostly true, many online casinos now are adding a little bit of competition in slot play for those brave enough.

888Casino’s Slot Races are billed as a high speed slots tournament that pits player against player in a bid to accumulate as many points as possible within a time limit.

So will this high speed chase for prizes lead you to victory, or leave you floundering in the pits? Let’s take a look.

What are 888Casino’s slot races?

To start your Reel Race, you obviously have to be signed up with 888Casino. If you are already a customer, you head over to the Races Lobby to see what races are available to enter.

The idea is that while you are spinning your favourite slot, hundreds of other players are competing against you at the same time in a race to the finish, accumulating points all the way.

The leader at the chequered flag can proudly take their position at the top of the podium, while collecting their prize.

It’s not all about fastest fingers first

You may be worried that in order to win, you just have to click ‘spin’ very quickly.

Actually, it’s more sophisticated than that. Big wins on slots can help boost your total – and you can keep track of progress with a mini leaderboard located on the game screen so you can see in real time (or should that be reel time?) how you are doing.

In terms of prizes, players could be in line for anything from FreePlay, free spins and bonus rewards and even cash prizes – so there’s more to the deal than just winning the ‘Victory Cup’.

As the saying goes, points mean prizes, so let’s have a look at how it’s all worked out.

  • Win – Payout is at least five times the bet amount = 5 points
  • Jumbo Win– Payout is between 5 times & 15 times the bet amount = 50 points
  • Monster Win – Payout hits 15 times or more the bet amount = 500 points
  • Double Jumbo – Get two Jumbo Wins = 100 points
  • Super Booster – Hit a special game feature – Bonus Round, Free Spin or Pick Me = 500 points
  • Things to consider

    It’s worth nothing that there is a minimum bet amount in each race, and a maximum spins amount – so don’t think you can just spin away as fast as you can and that will be enough.

    And remember any bonuses you win will be subject to terms and conditions.

    Read the site for full terms and conditions.

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