WATCH: Why a perfect ‘ass’ was so sweet for poker pro Davidi Kitai

  • Kitai’s girlfriend calling for an “ass” on the river has everyone at the table breaking out in smiles
  • Is this proof of the power of positive thinking – even in poker?

Poker players are somewhat notorious for calling out cards or asking for their ‘one time’ when their entire stack is at risk at an important point in a tournament.

Davidi Kitai was praying for that perfect 'ass'.
Davidi Kitai was praying for that perfect ‘ass’.

Some do it more than others, of course, and Davidi Kitai isn’t one of those you’ll see too worked up at the tables, as he is a methodical professional with years of experience under his belt and eight million in live tournament earnings.

However, the same can’t be said for his rail.

Kitai found himself deep in the PokerStars Championship Main Event in Monaco, with just seven players remaining in contention.

The cards were not falling the Belgian’s way, so he was all too happy to put his dwindling stack at risk with Ace-Nine suited in clubs. Unfortunately, Maxim Panyak looked him up with pocket Jacks, and when cards were on their backs, Kitai discovered he was the 70% underdog.

What he needed to stay alive was for an Ace to make an appearance on the board. Kitai knew it, Panyak knew it, and if anybody had any doubts about it, the distinct female voice in the crowd quickly repeating the word ‘ass’ left it beyond doubt. No, this wasn’t a heckler shouting abuse, but a slight mispronunciation of ‘ace’.

Softening a high-pressure moment

This was an important hand for Kitai and everybody else at the table, as every elimination was worth a few dozen thousand Euro. But, when the girl on the rail started chanting for an “ass,” it brought smiles to everyone’s faces, including Panyak who stood to lose the most if the dealer found the dreaded ace.

Most people would lose some of their initial enthusiasm after the flop and turn bricked, denying Kitai all other options, leaving him to hope for one of the three remaining aces in the deck to come to his rescue.

But, the chanting continued as the dealer burned and turned the river card and, sure enough, the most beautiful of all aces, the Ace of Spades, completed the board.

Kitai doubled up, and this story would be even more amazing had he went on to win the tournament. Unfortunately, the ‘ass’ on the river was only a temporary reprieve, as he still ended up busting in seventh.


If you’re wondering who’s the girl from the video, her name is Caroline, and she’s Davidi Kitai’s girlfriend of almost two years.

In an interview he gave for Pokerlistings last year, Kitai described her as the “love of his life,” and if her energy on the rail is anything to go by, then it is easy to understand why.

Is it proof of the power of mind over matter, or just coincidence?

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