Vodafone launches dedicated eSports channel on streaming service Twitch

  • Vodafone is the latest company to want in on Spain’s thriving gaming market
  • The company joins others, including Orange and Telefónica, in the country’s esports industry

Spain’s casino market has been something of a success in recent months, with numerous reports of its growing revenue and thriving online casino and sports gambling sectors. And now, mobile phone giant Vodafone Spain has sought to capitalise on the country’s expanding market by launching a dedicated eSports channel on the Amazon-owned platform, Twitch.

vodafone launches spain esports

Vodafone’s eSports endeavor can be traced back to the beginning of 2016. In February of that year, Vodafone Spain launched a dedicated Twitter page for Esports Vodafone. Around the same time, the company announced its collaboration with G2 Esports – a world premier eSports club – to support a League of Legends team in Spain.

The firm, it appears, seems to have been steadily building up to this point for almost a year and a half, with the launch of its esports channel seemingly at the top of their to-do list.

Tuning in

The new channel is called Esports Vodafone, and it will broadcast every day from 3 p.m. until 11 p.m. Among the content shown on the channel will be entertainment, educational shows, and news programs.

One such show is called Esports Academy, the purpose of which is to provide eSports professionals with advice, tutorials, and more. Meanwhile, a program called A.M.A., or Ask Me Anything, will also air on Esports Vodafone, and this show will feature members of the public asking their questions of “leading esports figures.”

The entertainment section of the channel will feature Domingamers, a show that pits four participants against each other in a variety of different games, as well as an as-yet-unnamed “talk-show-type” program.

Not the first, nor the last

But Vodafone Spain’s entry into the country’s eSports world is not the first of its kind. Instead, the firm will be up against Orange and Telefónica, both of which are already offering similar mediums.

Orange, for instance, has recently agreed a deal with Liga de Videojuegos Profesional that will alter the name of the country’s leading division to Superliga Orange. Similarly, Telefónica has released Movistar, its own esports channel. Theirs will cover sporting matches including those in the ESL One, ESL Intel Extreme, and the ESL Masters Series leagues.

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