Videoslots Players Can Now View Game Play Analytics Using MyRTP



One of the most important aspects of being a successful slots player is being able to look back at your historic performance and analyse what has been successful and what needs to be avoided.

This retrospective thinking allows you to tweak your strategies, allowing you to see what areas you should focus on and what areas need to be avoided.

One of the leading online casinos Videoslots has now launched their very own analytics platform which is called MyRTP. This means that all players on their site will be able to analyse their return-to-player data over time.

What sort of information is provided by this new tool?

Players will be able to see insights for individual games, as well as info regarding the likes of hit rates, average amount spins they make per session and data relating to their wins. This means that users can utilise this info to help make better informed decisions when they are playing certain games.

Ultimately, they can see which games are generating the best return for them, as well as the lowest returns. You can even compare your results against other users playing the same game. Some of the data may be a shock to payers who may have misguided preconceptions regarding their performance with certain games.

This is certainly a great step in the right direction by the online casino industry and it will be of no surprise to see other companies take a similar approach in the future.

It provides proper transparency to the Videoslots platform and the information is delivered in an engaging and coherent manner for the players to analyse. This contributes to the overall online casino experience and allows players to really identify areas that they can improve upon.

One of the great aspects of this new tool is that it is not only going to have data starting from when this platform was released, it will look back in time and gather your playing data as far back as July 2017. This means that instantly upon release of this platform you will be able to utilise these tools to better your playing experience.

Currently, this platform will only be available on the desktop version of Videoslots, but it is expected that a mobile version will be developed at some stage in the future.

This idea has already gottenĀ a lot of positive feedback and it certainly helps Videoslots to stand out from the crowd.

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