VIDEO: Tornado interrupts Beach Boys party at Riverwind Casino

  • A sudden onset of tornado cut short the charity concert by the Beach Boys at Riverwind Casino
  • Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin was in the audience and had to be evacuated with other visitors

A Saturday night concert at Riwerwind Casino in Norman, Oklahoma, featuring popular band the Beach Boys, was cut short due to a sudden tornado twister that appeared almost without a warning and caught everyone off-guard.

Although the damage to the land-based casino and nearby buildings was quite substantial, there were no injuries reported.

Tornado interrupts Beach Boys party at Riverwind Casino
Tornado interrupts Beach Boys party at Riverwind Casino

Governor in Attendance

One of those attending the concert was none other than Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma. Like everyone else, Ms Fallin had to be evacuated once the tornado hit, and in the interview she later gave to KWTB, Fallin said she realized the damage was quite substantial as she was walking down the casino auditorium.

According to reports from the state’s Department of Emergency Managements, tornados hit other counties in Oklahoma as well, causing severe damage. Keli Cain, a spokeswoman for the Department, stated that twisters downed trees and caused power supply problems in certain areas.

No time for a warning

According to casino floor staff, there was unfortunately no time to alert the guests and evacuate them before the tornado struck.

Everything happened almost simultaneously with the warning issued by the National Weather Service, so there wasn’t much anyone could do.

Luckily, the unfortunate event took no casualties this time around, which is something everyone’s grateful for.

As Kym Koch, spokeswoman for Riverwind Casino, explained, natural occurrences such as this are something Oklahoma residents are used to and they understand that sometimes they happen without a warning.

Due to the damage to the casino, certain parts of the venue are without electricity and closed off for reparations. Because of everything that had happened, all reservations were cancelled at least through Tuesday.

Governor Fallin took it to Twitter to express her gratitude to the Beach Boys for the concert, which was organized to raise money for the Regional Food Bank charity.

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