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From jackpot joy in the middle of the night and the biggest ever online progressive jackpot, through to big bucks payouts and industry-leaders closing their doors, a week is a long time in the online casino industry.

In just seven days we’ve witnessed highs, lows, innovative new products, the obligatory and seemingly endless back and forth of US online casino regulation (which state will it be next week?) and much, much more.

That’s why we’ve tasked our very own Buffy with bringing your our exclusive pick of the Casinopedia headlines from the week in news.

A week of jackpots

It’s been a busy week, but when it come to highlights, there have been a few. Firstly, the story of a chance midnight spin in moonlit Glasgow that led to one lucky punter walking away with half a million pounds. Ok, so it’s not technically the biggest of jackpots, but it’s genuinely touching story.

The poor guy – who at the moment remains nameless – was up in the early hours due to excruciating back pain that had put him out of work and left him pretty low. After trying his Playstation as a way to stay awake he decided on the off-chance to have a quick spin at William Hill casino. An 80p wager and six minutes of play later and the rest, as they say, is history. Whether you believe in the weird and wonderful is up to you, but was it really just a coincidence that the game he was playing was called destiny?

Tipico Casino, worth a shot?

Of course, there are jackpot wins and then there are jackpot wins. And perhaps the most impressive we’ve seen in a while came courtesy of the well known Mega Moolah slot at an online casino called Tipico. Not heard of it? Perhaps you should. You see, the game paid out over $4 million to one winner, which in itself is big news. But throw in the fact that the same slot at the same casino paid out around $9 million not too long prior to this and you’ve got a jackpot headline of epic proportions. Cue all you players searching for ‘Tipico Casino, play Mega Moolah’…

PKR in administration

Elsewhere Buffy takes look at the new online live casino game that is potentially offering players the chance to scoop the biggest online progressive jackpot of all time – check out the video to find out exactly what you need to do – and discover the latest on the sad demise of online poker innovator, PKR.

For the latter, it seems, the writing had been on the wall for a while and Casinopedia was among the first to break the news of its eventual slide into administration. As is often the case in news shows though, we do get to end on a happier note. Latest reports are that all is not lost for PKR, and fans of online poker, with suggestions that potential buyers are considering their options.

Find out more

So there you have it, a week in news. If you’re wondering how we’ve managed to cram that much into our highlights you’ll have to watch the video to find out more.

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