Slot volatility – what is it, and how does it affect your gameplay?

  • Ever wonder what slot volatility really means?
  • Have a think about what level of risk is right for you

Ever check slot reviews and wonder to yourself, what exactly is slot volatility?

In the casino world, video slot volatility is usually described as high, medium, or low, but which one provides the biggest payout, is the most fun, or frustrating?

Well, what volatility really boils down to is risk. Different kinds of players look for different kinds of risk, so read on to find out which type of volatility is the best for your bankroll and playing style.

Laying low

In the simplest terms possible, low volatility slots will pay out much more often than medium or high volatility slots.

Sounds good, right? Well, if you’re being paid every five spins, chances are the payout isn’t very high.

Blood Suckers is a classic of the online casino world - proving popular to work through wagering requirements, if allowed.
Blood Suckers is a classic of the online casino world with an RTP of about 98% – and a classic example of a fairly low volatility game.

The jackpots will also be considerably smaller than higher risk slots.

Generally a big win for low volatility slots will give you about 25% more than you started with, so if you started with about 40 coins and earn 10 more than you started, that would be a good time to call it quits.

Low volatility slots are best for players who either have a smaller budget or those who want to spend long hours playing slots at a leisurely pace, exploring all the fun features and animations.

Low volatility slots are also good for burning through wagering requirements attached to casino bonuses that force players to ‘play through’ a certain multiple of their bonus amount before they can claim any winnings.

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The middle ground

Generally, a medium volatility contains a slightly higher risk than a low volatility slot, so on average these guys will pay out approximately every 20 spins.

You’ll find larger jackpots on these slots than on their lower volatility cousins, but they can also put a bigger dent in your budget.

Playtech's Robocop is probably a fair example of a medium volatility slot.
Playtech’s Robocop is probably a fair example of a medium volatility slot.

These slots are arguably the most popular, and great for players looking for bigger thrills and who have a bit more extra cash to spend, as well as the knowledge of when to call it quits. From these games you can expect a good 35% increase on your starting amount if you get lucky, but this averages out over a long period of time, so there are no guarantees.

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Aiming high

So when should you take on a high volatility slot? The most important factor to consider is your level of patience. These slots don’t pay out very often. However, you’ll also find those massive progressive jackpots in high volatility slots, so if that calls your name, it could be worth your time.

Raging Rhino is notoriously about as volatile as a...well, a raging rhino.
Raging Rhino is notoriously about as volatile as a…well, a raging rhino.

You don’t necessarily have to be a high roller, but know that you could be spinning over a 100 times before winning anything, so budget appropriately. For these kinds of slots, discipline is essential, and knowing when to walk away is crucial.

That being said, these slots will provide you with some of the most fun in the online slot world, so if you have the time and money to stick to it, you’ll certainly be rewarded.

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What does it all mean?

The variance (which means the same thing) of slots isn’t something that is readily available, but you can get a good idea of a slot’s variance by reading reviews or even by conducting a little of your own research.

Playing for free in demo mode is a great way to test out a slot’s variance; just take a few spins and keep track of how often and how much it pays out.

After about 50-100 spins, you will probably notice if it is a low/regular payer, vs a high/infrequent payer.

At the end of the day it comes down to what you want your casino experience to be. The thrill of the big win, or the fun of longer, extended gameplay.

Either way, if you have a budget, and stick to it, you can’t go far wrong.

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