Video game-style slots removed from Atlantic City casino, but future still looks bright

  • Atlantic City removes video game-style slot games from casino floor
  • ’Learning curve’ for casinos still ‘committed’ to the concept

Slot games offering a video game-like experience is being touted by some as the future.

Danger Arena is one example of a skill-based slot game, bringing a first person shooter, video game-like feel.
Danger Arena is one example of a skill-based slot game, bringing a first person shooter, video game-like feel.

It is thought one day the concept could overtake traditional slots in the popularity stakes.

Several US casinos in Atlantic City have been trialling a new breed of video game gambling machines (VGM) and noting feedback from punters, while developers are watching the responses closely so they can improve the games and increase their popularity.

Major casino operator Caesars Entertainment was keen to trial them out for a period of six months, but have now pulled them.

Early days

But according to a report on the site, the machines are being ditched only for the reason that it is the first stage in a trial. The company is still committed to the project.

The games were by GameCo, the company pioneering the concept at land-based casinos. The games, Danger Arena, a first-person shooter, and Pharoah’s Secret Temple are already being trialled in other casinos throughout the US.

Tropicana reportedly still has the games and the Borgata is said to be installing some soon.
Slot games such as The Simpsons at Borgata will introduce skill-based elements into play, so players can get used to the game style for themselves.

Video game gambling

VGMs are a new twist on electronic betting machines. Instead of the luck-based gaming which is typical of game terminals, players use their abilities at the game to achieve high scores.

Bets are made on whether those high scores can be achieved. However, the game does disadvantage the player to some extent, throwing in obstacles and random chance events to keep things interesting.

Payouts are based on the scale of the win, with jackpots reserved for the very highest achievements.

The new games are designed to appeal to the tricky millennial market, who have not always warmed to the traditional casino environment but who are the largest consumers of video game content and also of sports betting.

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