VIDEO: British casino player pick up four slot jackpots totalling $1.75M in Las Vegas

  • Film emerges showing winner hitting jackpots on slots
  • High roller ’Nick’ scooped $1.75m (£1.3m) at Vegas venue

A British gambler picked up a $1.75 million (£1.3 million) win at a Las Vegas casino after hitting the jackpot on four different slots, reports The Sun.

Nick who won four slot machine jackpots at Las Vegas' Aria Resort and Casino.
Nick who won four slot machine jackpots at Las Vegas’ Aria Resort and Casino.

A YouTube film has emerged which shows a man inside a land-based casino using several slot machines, at a venue which is thought to be the Las Vegas Aria Resort and Casino.

The edited clip shows four jackpot wins, including a cool $1 million prize, made by the player known only as ‘Nick’.

See the moment gambler wins incredible $1 million jackpot

The film, which you can watch below, looks to be filmed on a mobile phone by a female friend of the player.

According to the pair, the undated clip was filmed at 7:30am – it is not known how long they had been playing before the huge jackpot wins were made. Through the video, ‘Nick’ lands wins of $125,000, $400,000, a further $400,000 and the $1 million prize.

After accounting for his stake of $5000 per spin, the high roller made $1.75 million from his spins.

The clip was posted by lifestyle channel 614Lyfe, which often posts videos from Vegas of casino games in action. It is not clear if the winner ‘Nick’ is linked to the channel, or if the channel merely reposted the original clip after finding it online.

The Aria casino, where the wins are said to have been made, has not commented on the film.

Filming banned in casinos

Most casinos prohibit filming inside their venue, in order to protect the security of the casino and also the players. Player privacy is also a key concern. While every inch of the casino is monitored by security cameras, personal cameras are usually frowned upon.

Despite this, there are many videos circulating online of slot players using the various gaming machines on the market – including clips that show big wins.

As a rule, casinos don’t pursue the owners of these videos and have them taken down.

After all, showing large jackpot wins is good publicity for the venue.

Slot game players will often search for clips of others playing and winning on new slot games before trying them out, and there is a huge public demand for slot game reviews – and seeing the big jackpots pay out.

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