Legend of betting Victor Chandler is back with Africa venture

  • After a three-year absence Victor Chandler is back and investing in East African venture
  • Bet Lion is expected to compete with several players in the growing betting and gaming platforms in East African countries

Victor Chandler is returning to the betting scene after a three year absence with a foray into the burgeoning East African market.

The former chairman of the betting company which bore his name, now called BetVictor, Chandler has collaborated with betting firm FSB Tech to launch an East African sports betting venture know as Bet Lion.

The new sportsbook is expected to launch in Kenya and Tanzania this August in a growing market where FSB Tech already has two brands operating which are BetYetu in Kenya and MkekaBet in Tanzania.

A new developing market

Chandler described the partnership with FSB Tech as ‘terrific’ due to the company’s experience in the evolving African market.

Chandler said: “The market is already showing huge growth and smartphone penetration is much higher than many realize and with that has come an excellence in micro-payments.”

The Business Development Director at FSB Tech, Richard Thorp, highlighted the importance of the importance of strategic partnerships when venturing into new territories. “It’s great to be working in a region that has so much potential, especially with somebody who has such a clear passion for and understanding of the betting and gaming business,” Thorp stated.

About Victor Chandler

He is recognized as one of the world’s most savvy bookmakers and is formerly the chairman of Victor Chandler International (now known as BetVictor Ltd) which went on to become a billion-dollar business.

Chandler is lauded for his visionary approach toward online betting which he pioneered in the 1990s. Chandler has since sold his stake in BetVictor and is no longer associated with it.

About FSB Tech

The company was established by betting industry veterans in 2007 to cater to consumer demands in the live betting and online casino sector.

FSB Tech develops fast and scalable betting and gaming platforms that include customer registration platforms, betting tools, and casino games. The platforms that FSB Tech develops for its clients are customized to meet the local regulatory requirements and standards.

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