Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock in his own words – according to 2013 testimony

  • Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock gave evidence in a civil lawsuit in 2013
  • Testimony revealed that he slept in the day, wagered a million dollars a night and took Valium

New details about the lifestyle of Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock have emerged in the form of a 2013 deposition he gave as part of a civil lawsuit.

Stephen Paddock was a Vegas regular and was able to get a huge arsenal of weaponry into his hotel room.
Stephen Paddock was a Vegas regular, and in a personal injury claim, gave a deposition which gave some insight into his personality in 2013

Paddock took out the lawsuit against the Cosmopolitan Hotel, on whose premises he slipped and fell in 2011. Paddock’s 97-page deposition from the case has been obtained by CNN and turned over to the FBI and it offers a glimpse into the mass-killer’s lifestyle and habits.

According to his testimony, he had no mental health issues or criminal record, but he admitted that he had been prescribed Valium, also known as diazepam, for what he described as ‘anxiousness’.

The drug was prescribed by a Nevada doctor to whom Paddock claimed he paid a yearly retainer and who may also have prescribed him diazepam in June, though that information has not been confirmed.

Reporters have attempted to speak with the doctor, but he has been unavailable for comment so far.

Sweat pants

Paddock describes splitting his time between California, Nevada, Texas and Florida and claimed that at one point he was travelling three weeks out of every four, staying most often in casinos, where he took advantage of the free accommodation and other amenities offered to big gamblers in order to keep them coming back to the casino.

He also spoke about his gambling habits, revealing that at the height of his gambling in 2006, he averaged a rate of play of 14 hours a day, 365 days a year, claiming to be the biggest video poker player in the world.

He said that his habit was to gamble all night and sleep all day, and he rarely dressed in anything more elaborate than a pair of black Nike sweat pants and black flip-flops.

In his testimony, Paddock said he was raised mostly in California, worked as an IRS agent and invested in real estate, though he does not detail where his wealth came from initially.

According to CNN, he lost the civil suit, with an arbitrator finding in favour of the hotel.

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