City of vice Las Vegas at heart of new generation of sex robots

  • The next generation sex dolls are capable of talking, listening, and learning about their owners’ habits and preferences
  • The sex robots industry has been growing rapidly, with Las Vegas among innovating territories

The talk of a robot revolution and robots stealing jobs is well-trodden news territory.

The latest reality we are facing aren’t human-like machines working at your local 7-Eleven but full-fledged sex robots designed to look good, please your desires and even communicate with you.

And there is hardly a more appropriate place to lead this revolution than Las Vegas, the place dubbed Sin City for its countless casinos, bars, and strip clubs.

Your fancy tickled yet?

Sex dolls have been around for decades. Humans are in constant search for pleasure and companionship, and if they don’t get enough of it via ‘natural channels’, they aren’t opposed to reaching out to alternative solutions.

So, it is hardly a surprise that large companies see the sex dolls industry as a huge potential market. Today’s technologies open doors for possibilities that no one would even dare dream of twenty years ago, and the more lifelike the dolls, the better the sales potential.

Based out of Las Vegas, Eden Robotics is one company participating in the race to develop the ultimate sex doll.

The company is involved in designing all kinds of robots to be used in business and personal lives.

Owned by 31-year old Roberto Cardenas, the company’s been working on designing fully functional sex bots capable of assuming 20 different positions. Cardenas’ Android Love Dolls are designed using real-life models to make them as real as possible and could easily their rivals a run for their money.

£20 billion industry

Right now, according to The Express website, this has the potential to be a £20 billion industry with a strong growth predicted.

Companies are competing to develop better, smoother, more lifelike dolls to offer to Las Vegas punters in an effort to make their experience more complete.

Another leading the way here is Abyss Creations.

Abyss Creations’ sex dolls come equipped with more than just pretty faces and great figures. They are also capable of carrying on a simple conversation and remembering things about their users to provide a better experience. Of course, soft lips and tongue and other extra features are a nice addition (if you are in the market for a sex doll, that is).

But all of this doesn’t come cheap. Right now, the best models cost around $15,000 apiece, which isn’t pocket change by any length of imagination. Pleasure costs, of course, and production of these lifelike dolls is a pricey process, at least for the time being.

Beautifully disturbing?

Depending on how deeps someone’s pockets are and what they preferences may be, there are sex dolls of all (quite literally) shapes and sizes out there. Tall and short, large and small, blondes and brunettes, just take your pick.

Increasingly functional and featuring many human characteristics, these dolls are here to stay.

But, not everyone sees these inventions as something positive.

Many have voiced their opinions against the growing sex dolls industry, citing “objectification of women” as one of their primary concerns. Dolls’ designers and creators, however, by far and large have a totally different take on the matter.

According to Matt McMullen, the CEO of Abyss Creations, the company’s goal is to reach out to people who have problems forming traditional relationships for whatever reasons. Sex dolls at least give them an illusion of companionship.

Programmability and adaptability

Abyss Creations’ proudest achievement is Harmony, a doll that comes with 18 different character traits, one of them being “sexual.” They come in different body shapes for different tastes. It is the crown of 20 years of work, research, and various attempts to produce the ultimate sex doll.

Breakthroughs in the artificial intelligence gave developers the missing ingredient. It gave Harmony dolls the ability to talk, answer, and learn about their owners’ desires and preferences. Although dolls can’t walk, explained McMullen for The Guardian, this isn’t too much of an issue, especially given the fact this technology would significantly increase the price of the dolls.

Harmony is feeling a bit shy today.

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Right now, Harmony dolls are programmed to be perfect companions, looking hot and always ready and happy to meet their owners’ desires.

McMullen believes this is the way to make people happy and sees no problem with it. Some may disagree with his ideals, but it is one of those things where everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

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